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YouTube is one of the oldest and the best, serving innumerable choices on the platter. The launch of live broadcast, live streaming services by this platform has helped it reach higher in the ladder of success. YouTube is always on the go, expanding its services. It supports any technical setup and has a terrific, usable, embeddable player that is accessible all over the globe. YouTube Live broadcast complements the day-to-day content and enables you to share emotional reactions to the unfiltered and unedited emotions. YouTube live streaming services saves bucks by cutting down the post-production cost and time as it all happens in real time. Discussed below are some benefits of live webcast on YouTube and which YouTube live streaming company you should opt for.

YouTube Streaming

YouTube Streaming

The Benefits of YouTube Live Streaming

Easy to use

Live webcast on YouTube is easy to implement and deliver. One can choose from the standard streaming profiles which will fit your upload internet connection. One can also create own profile by adjusting audio and video qualities, frame rates, and video size. Recorded version of the stream remains available on your channel post the live event

Strict copyright

A strict copyright policy prohibits anyone else from using contents like movie clips and music.

Global reach

The event is accessible across the globe making it easy to interact live with audiences and receive live comments from viewers. Viewers can also provide valuable inputs on the event. It helps the company’s internal events reach a wider network, leading to greater sales engagement and chances of sales.

Other benefits

Post event viewer analytics is possible. Live stream can be embedded on your website or page. 360 streaming is also capable.

Why Dreamcast?

Dreamcast strives hard to deliver just the right thing with flawless live webcast on YouTube, live streaming, Facebook streaming, IP based streaming and more according to your needs. Dreamcast is associated with several companies and content providers for educational purposes, music concerts, corporate events, conferences, private screenings and the like in major places of Australia like New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia.
Choose from our wide array of services according to your requirements and we help you reach out to a large audience base with YouTube streaming in Australia. We provide full HD quality content and successful results.

Features of YouTube Live Broadcast Services


Easy monetization of live streaming videos makes sure that there is complete transparency.

Privacy and security

Your live webcasting data is in trusted hands and we live up to the promise of 100% secure delivery of live videos.


Dreamcast makes it possible to get personalized logo and customized website landing links on the YouTube live broadcast video streaming and accompanying digital shout-outs on different social media platforms. This in turn increases the reach and viewer impression of the live stream.

Multi-device support

Our YouTube live streaming services are adaptable and versatile and can suit various formats.

Unlimited streaming

There is no bar on shareable content and the hours of live video you can broadcast. We make sure that your live video is smooth, seamless and hassle-free.


What is Dreamcast about?

Dreamcast is the number one resource to live webcast your event and provide end-to-end support to the clients. The multi-camera production services make sure that the event is streamed live, hassle-free.

I already have a production team!

Wonderful! We are flexible enough to work with the existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works desired from our side.

Where do I find my event broadcasted?

The content can be webcasted on the platform provided by you; it can be your YouTube channel or your website. We can also create a channel for you, in case you do not have one.

I want to launch my product through Dreamcast!

Dreamcast enables you to reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product. With an interactive webcast, it is much easier to let your audience know about the details and specifications of the product.

Is Google Hangouts better than Skype?

Google Hangout certainly has an upper hand when it comes to hassle-free streaming features for free. Skype on the other hand is not supported across all platforms.

I need help for analytics

Dreamcast is there for you to help you with real-time graphical dashboards as well as extensive tools to analyze the outreach of your campaign.

How does my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can choose to view a live event streaming to the device of their choice. To watch the event on the go, viewers can opt for mobile webcasting.

The advantages of live streaming

Unlike age-old execution of an event, live streaming enables you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. It is also easy to maintain your database and reach out to people anywhere, seamlessly.

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