On Demand Live Streaming

The broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over the internet is termed as live streaming. It is highly appealing as it makes you a creator, presenter and allows to be seen by an audience. Social media platforms too have branched out into live streaming world with Twitter launching Periscope and Facebook launching Facebook live. For any company, both live streaming and broadcast video on demand can be useful methods for video strategy. Corporate training is one aspect where on demand webcasts is a better choice.

New employees can access this video even though it is not at the same time as everyone else.With live video streaming services it is now easy to get empowered and reach to viewers around the globe. The web broadcasting enables you to leverage time and investment by cutting down the ongoing costs and reducing the environmental impact. Companies of all sizes can boost communication and drive audience participation and engagement at events.


On Demand Live Streaming

The Benefits of On-Demand Video Streaming

Cross-platform analytics

Viewers can provide valuable insights from across the globe.

Audience interaction

It is easy to engage the audience with real-time moderated chat. Since the event is accessible across the world, it is easy to communicate live with audiences and reach a wider network.

Embed live stream on your web pages

You can launch an OTT subscription service to monetize your live events and videos and can reach anywhere and across all formats.

Why Dreamcast?

Doesn’t matter if you are streaming to social or producing an event streamed across the globe, experts at Dreamcast will make it look like a pro. We enable you to reach your audience across several social media platforms by providing best live video streaming in Australia. We extend our webcasting services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Gold coast. We also provide tailored solutions and take care of all the minute details so that your event is a success. Dreamcast offers high quality on demand webcasting solutions for all types of enterprises. Our on demand webinar services ensure that your event is successful.

Features of On Demand Webcasting

On-demand webcasts

Viewers have the flexibility and convenience to watch anytime in the future

Platform and delivery

Dreamcast provides industry standard platforms and end-to-end management system along with analytics and tools to grow your business.

Live webcasting

More people can instantly connect without travelling and spending time and money for a maximum impact.

Digital rights management

Your video footage and content is safe in our hands.

Helps connect with audience anywhere

Dreamcast’s high performance delivery systems can stream to your website, custom landing page and social media. Your audience can connect with you anywhere and on any device.


The content is hosted on high-performance and secure servers and you can create gateways to collect email addresses and/or payment before displaying videos as you own the content.

If you are looking for industry recognition, guaranteed reliability, advanced technology, broadcasting quality and professional credibility, Dreamcast is the ideal live stream video service provider.


What is Dreamcast about?

Dreamcast is the number one resource to live webcast your event and provide end-to-end support to the clients. The multi-camera production services make sure that the event is streamed live, hassle-free.

I already have a production team!

Wonderful! We are flexible enough to work with the existing unit or vendor and provide online webcast with all the web works desired from our side.

Where do I find my event broadcasted?

The content can be webcasted on the platform provided by you; it can be your YouTube channel or your website. We can also create a channel for you, in case you do not have one.

I want to launch my product through Dreamcast!

Dreamcast enables you to reach out to a wider audience by increasing the impression of your product. With an interactive webcast, it is much easier to let your audience know about the details and specifications of the product.

Is Google Hangouts better than Skype?

Google Hangout certainly has an upper hand when it comes to hassle-free streaming features for free. Skype on the other hand is not supported across all platforms.

I need help for analytics

Dreamcast is there for you to help you with real-time graphical dashboards as well as extensive tools to analyze the outreach of your campaign.

How does my audience view a live webcast?

Your audience can choose to view a live event streaming to the device of their choice. To watch the event on the go, viewers can opt for mobile webcasting.

The advantages of live streaming

Unlike age-old execution of an event, live streaming enables you to preserve your content for years while reaching out to a larger audience. It is also easy to maintain your database and reach out to people anywhere, seamlessly.

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