Today, electronic media has helped us in so much of what we do, clearly enhancing our productivity and efficiency. Digital connectivity is simplifying the way we interact and communicate with each other. A very important factor contributing to the cause is Live Streaming. Live Streaming is helping people from all over the world. You can now attend an event happening thousands of miles away from you overcoming various physical and geographical barriers. 

Live streaming does not limit only to entertainment purposes, there are various corporate applications as well. Live Streaming helps in performing official conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, and even cultural events. The applications of live webcasting are very diverse and many established brands in the social media industry have already adopted live streaming to further improve the user’s experience on their websites and apps. Some popular names in this list are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (Periscope) and the latest one being LinkedIn USA. Today, more than half of the world has access to the internet. Internet usage has exponentially grown these past 20 years. And as more and more people join on a global scale, we can all share information more systematically.

Most of the live streaming service providers cater to in-built features for the enhanced conferencing experience. One of them being Picture In Picture feature. This is a very special feature in terms of live screen sharing. PIP is basically a feature that allows your live streaming or conferencing session to play alongside other application, may it be pictures, video or a slide. This feature was first rolled out by Philips in 1983 in their high-end television sets. It would provide a separate RF input that was present at the back of the set and would display a small black and white window on any one of the four corners. Well, that was just the beginning. After that try, this innovative idea boosted up in popularity and today, almost every streaming and conferencing service provides this feature.

Benefits of Picture in Picture (PIP) Live Streaming:

Let’s discuss one by one, the various benefits of Picture in Picture Live Streaming:-

  • Multitasking is easier with PIP live streaming services. The live stream window will play adjacent to any other application or data displayed on your screen. Whether it is graphics, information, statistics or any supporting data,  the picture in picture feature is very helpful in coordinating various kinds of data types with the live conferencing topics.
  • Imagine you are working and suddenly you get a video call from one of your clients, you seriously need to complete your work but on the other side, you also can’t reject the video call. This is a very simple example, there are many situations just like these. The PIP live webcasting solutions come as a savior in such circumstances as you can minimize the video call window while completing your work.
  • The corporate application of PIP live streaming services is that you understand the meetings or conferences better as you can instantly refer to hand notes while being connected with the rest of your associates.
  • In the field of Entertainment, the picture in picture live streaming saves the consumer a lot of time as he/she can keep the current stream playing while surfing for other movie or song.
  • When it comes to Social Media services, Picture in Picture feature enables you to get actively involved with the audience making the stream more interactive and fun. PIP webcasting solutions also allow you to reply to various comments, help in analyzing polls, framing questionnaires for the audience, etc while still being connected with the help of live window.

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PIP Live Webcasting Solutions With Dreamcast:

Dreamcast provides efficient, effective and high-quality PIP live webcasting solutions as per user requirements. This feature can be easily added in your live stream with one simple request which starts the formation of a live compound video on the website which is then broadcasted on the PIP webcast platform. 

Dreamcast aims for perfection and for years we have been determined to provide you with the best services. We deliver a number of options that can become a helping hand for customization of your Picture in Picture live streaming.

Twitter Feeds

Integrating the client’s Twitter feeds with the live stream through the Picture in Picture live streaming can turn out to be a great way to enhance the interest of the viewers. Engaging the viewers using the PIP feature can turn out to be very beneficial for your live stream.

Video Record

Every Live Stream video whether enabled with PIP features or not, is always recorded and documented for any future references required by the user.

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Slide Synchronisation

As per your requirement, any slide presentation can be recorded beforehand so that it can be played in synchronization with your live video in the same live stream. This service can make your live sessions more interactive and entertaining as the info from the slide and your live stream will be transmitted in sync. An excellent example of Slide Synchronisation is our work for Intel, in a live streaming session regarding “Reimagining the future with AI”.


We can display a brand graphic or design on your online stream this will help the viewers recognize your brand better.

Adjustable Live Video Window

The online streaming will be displayed in HD Quality, but for users with slower internet speed, the stream window size and quality can be customized accordingly. The live stream window will be available in full screen along with certain smaller sizes as well.

Live Polling

To accumulate the attention of the participating audience, the live stream can be linked along with polls, and live feedback whose direct results will be shown to you while streaming online.

Q&A Section

This is a very interesting feature for social media streamers. In this, a personalized live question-answer segment will be embedded in your online stream, where the participants can ask questions directly to you and you can directly reply to them. You can also pin-up any question regarding the live stream which would be visible to the audience and they can answer while the stream continues.

Viewer Registration

A personalized registration pop-up screen can be constructed to be put forward before the starting of your live stream so as to develop a database of the viewers of your stream.

Other options like live video conferencing solutions, cataloging, etc are also available in our picture in picture video streaming service. Since you are already here on our website, check out the various plans we have here to offer you. Choose the plan which satisfies all your requirements. Dreamcast aims to provide the best services in the field so that you don’t get distracted from achieving your goals.