The last few years have seen exponential growth in people hosting and consuming live streaming videos online for various purposes. 2019 has seen the new heights that this digital marketing trend can reach and all the different sectors in which it can be utilized. While live webcasting on social media platforms is all the rage now, Periscope has been a steady name in this field since early on. After the periscope streaming company came to be owned by Twitter, it’s popularity has only increased. 

There are various uses of a live broadcast on periscope live in areas ranging from business to education. To utilize it properly in all of them, one has to understand how to use live webcast on periscope properly. This article covers everything that you need to know about the live broadcast on periscope and what all it entails.

Features Of Periscope

To maximize the results of whatever goal you are trying to achieve through a live webcast on periscope, first, you need to recognise all the features that this app provides. Only then will you be able to move ahead in the tough competition of digital media marketing.

1. Live Streaming

The most obvious one is live streaming, the primary purpose of this application. And since Periscope is made for live streaming, you will find that it is very easy to use.

2. Map View

To show the users areas around the world from where periscope live streams are being broadcast, the app has an interactive map feature. This way, a user can easily find any live stream events on periscope happening near them; finding them through their geographical location depicted on the map. 

3. Replays

Similar to how the story feature in many social media platform displays a video till 24 hours, a live stream on periscope live is also saved for 24 hours. At this time, it can be replayed as many times as you want. For anyone who missed out on a stream when it was being broadcast, they can watch it this way.

4. Temporary Content

It is a popular trend in live webcasting on social media platforms to have the content saved for a temporary period, usually 24 hours. This way, the audience is motivated by the sense of urgency if they want to watch the videos. On the other hand, since the video will be removed in a day, the platform is not saturated or flooded with content either.

5. Downloadable Video Streams

Correlating to the two features mentioned above, periscope has taken precaution that no-one who really wants to watch a live stream gets to miss it. That is why the feature to download streams in the 24 hours that they are saved is available. Once the video is saved to the viewer’s own camera roll, the longevity of a live webcast on periscope also increases.

6. User Interaction

The periscope streaming company provides its users with an interactive and engaging experience. Through features that allow a viewer to like, comment and share the stream, the app motivates a lot of participation from the audience. The host can see the viewers’ reaction live since they are not passive in this equation.

7. Twitter Integration

You may have known that Twitter owns periscope but what you may not know is that it still works as a separate app. So when you want to live stream on Twitter, the live video from periscope is integrated into your feed. This feature works seamlessly and without any technical difficulties or glitches. 

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How To Live Stream On Periscope Live?

After getting a thorough understanding of the features in Periscope and their uses, you can finally go ahead with starting your own streams. Here is a simple guide on how to make live videos on your own:

Step I: The first thing to start using Periscope is to download it in your device. Although the choice of device is up to you, most people prefer to choose smartphones, tablets or laptops generally. A tip here is to select a device with easy maneuverability or mobility.

Step II: The next step is to create your own registered account on the app. You can do so using your Twitter credentials if you have a Twitter account already. If not, then you can use your phone number instead.

Step III: Once you have finished the first two steps, you ready to start the actual streaming part of the process. To live webcast on periscope, open the app and tap on the camera icon in the navigation bar. This navigation bar is situated at the bottom of the home page in the app.

Step IV: After filling up the required description of your live stream, look into the sharing settings for the video. If you want more privacy or a limited audience, change the default from ‘everyone’ to your selected viewers. In the end, click on the ‘start broadcast’ icon to finally live stream on periscope live.

Although it is not necessary to create an account to watch other people’s streams, you do have to make one broadcast them. The profiles on periscope live streaming company are public and they also recommend the users to follow friends along with other known persons through the app.

Terms and Conditions of  Live Broadcast on Periscope

The terms, conditions and privacy policy of using periscope are similar to that of their owner company Twitter. Here are some very important points to keep in mind:

  • Any user has to be above 13 years of age to have a periscope account. Since all profiles on the app are public, there is no way to be anonymous here. 
  • All the contents and details that you fill in for your profile are visible to other users of the app. 
  • Like a lot of other live webcasting on social media platforms, Periscope does not fully monitor the kind of content that is streamed. However, if anything illegal or inappropriate is being published, it is removed very quickly. Any breach of copyright and material violating community guidelines is not entertained on the app. Thus the report and block tools come in handy.


Although there is no way to correct any mistakes in a live streaming video and the privacy is very low for periscope accounts, the pros of a live stream on periscope live outweigh the cons. This guide covers every useful information about using periscope live in the digital media market today. We hope that it helps you accomplish your personal and professional goals faster!