Did you know that according to statistics, 80% of your global audience would rather watch a live video instead of reading a blog post?

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In today’s internet, live video has the loudest voice as it is the most engaging form of online content. Most businesses understand the importance of live video and use corporate live streaming services to utilize the real power of live video.

There are many applications of live video for a business including conference live streaming, town hall webcasting. Most companies also tend to live stream product launch to create a buzz around their new products in the market.

The objective of this blog is to go over 8 vital things you must be aware of when it comes to live-video streaming for businesses.

#1 – Having a Live Streaming Strategy

Live Streaming Strategy
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If you want your business to utilize the power of live video fully, you need to have a great live streaming strategy in place. Before you go around finding the best business webcasting solutions, you need to understand your objective behind live streaming and how to go about it.

An excellent live streaming strategy should cover all the simple facts behind your live videos such as what platform(s) you’ll be using and the structure of your content. You can opt for Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Periscope etc and even on a website, depending on your audience base and live streaming requirements. Nowadays, Instagram Live is one of the most popular social platform with wider audience reach and amazing live streaming features. You can read this ultimate guide to Instagram Live video for businesses to get more detailed outlook of Insta Live.

Your strategy should also incorporate video marketing tactics and promotional tactics to ensure you’re planning for both the content and the marketing aspects of your live videos.

A good content strategy for live streaming on multiple social platforms is one that ultimately provides value to the viewer, either in the form of exclusive content or in the form of engaging content.

You should also finalize on the equipment and processes you’ll be using for your live streams. Lastly, your strategy should ensure your live videos are consistent and regular to retain your core audience.

#2 – Using an Adequate CDN

Live Stream Platforms

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of proxy servers that are located in various regions worldwide. CDNs improve the performance of your live streaming video by minimizing loss of data and restricting the bandwidth and costs for businesses.

Most business webcasting solutions use underlying CDNs to distribute the live streams, which in effect causes the live streams to be smoother and without any glitches.

You need a reliable Content Delivery Network to ensure your audiences don’t have to go through glitches during their viewing experience. A lot of businesses use conference live streaming and town hall webcasting, and both these use cases require an uninterrupted smooth flow of the video.

CDNs also ensure your live streams are secure, scalable, and impressive!

#3 – Understanding your Analytics

Analytics For Live Stream

Most business live streaming services provide detailed analytics for every live stream, and they do it for a reason. These analytics give an insight into the performance of your blog in terms of its reach, engagement, and other factors.

By incorporating the analytics insights into your live streaming strategy, you can keep improving it and finetuning it until you are reaching the targets you would like to achieve.

#4 – Using White Label Solutions

Live Streaming

For most businesses, a live stream which is not based on a white label solution would look very unprofessional. In terms of corporate live streaming services, a white label solution is one that allows you to stream without any branding and with the option of adding your custom branding to the live stream.

It is heavily advised for businesses to use white label solutions when streaming live and use their custom branding over the streams to maintain a professional look and to allow the content to be reused for other marketing initiatives.

#5 – Understanding the Importance of Security

Secure Live Streaming
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A lot of business monetize their live streams by charging an admission fee to their streams. In those cases, maintaining the security of the live stream becomes a critical function. Some common security issues that should be handled for live streams include network security protocols, passwords for access control, authentication certificates, data encryption, and firewalls.

#6 – Back-up Everything

Backup Data
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Most business webcasting solutions allow the option of backing up every live stream. It is highly advised to back up every single of your business’ live stream as it provides a lot of high-quality video content which can be later repurposed for different marketing needs. A backed-up library also allows your audience to watch your live streams on demand, in case they missed something important!

#7 – Great Customer Support is Vital

customer support

The value of customer support from your the provider of your business live streaming services is vital. Live streaming video is time-sensitive, and anything that goes wrong must be rectified as quickly as possible lest you’ll lose a lot of potential viewers and engagement.

#8 – Truly Connect with your Audience


Lastly, you must learn how to truly connect with your audience to get the maximum returns from your live streaming initiatives. Even though live video as a medium is inherently engaging, you still have to put in an effort to connect with the viewers of your live stream.


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