Live Streaming Services have been around for a while now, & have proven to be a great tool for brands to increase sales, brand image & customer interactions.

Live webcasting solutions help individual creators & brands alike, grow an organic consumer base, pique the curiosity of new potential customers, & retain existing ones.

Live Streaming Strategy

Data released over the years by major live-streaming platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Periscope, etc. showed a steep rise in user interactions, customer engagement & sales value. As simple & as straight-laced as it sounds, however, there’s a lot of live streaming strategy behind these successful live-streaming endeavours.

A lot of factors, including audience demographics, geographical location & timing of the live-streaming influence the final outcome of the live video streaming. For the live webcasting solutions to work the way you intend them to, a lot of planning & strategizing is needed. 

Live Streaming Strategy

Below are a few points you need to consider before you decide to the live-stream video:

1. The purpose behind live streaming

Australians are watching live streams on a regular basis these days. With the increased viewership, there has also been a steady increase in live video content floating around. To be relevant in this ever-increasing content pool, you need to ensure that your live video streaming is worth watching. Since your audience will be spending more time watching your live streams than they do watching regular videos, it doesn’t make sense for you to put out anything but the best of live stream video content.

The best part about live webcasting solutions is that they offer viewers the opportunity to become a part of the scenario in real-time, & provide their inputs at the same time. Live Streaming Services are the perfect way for brands to announce new products, services, ventures or to make any new announcements. 

Since live video streaming offers creators such an amazing opportunity to make them a part of the whole scene, you should ensure that a good live streaming strategy is in place. The first part will obviously be determining the message of the live-streaming that you want to portray to the viewers. Ensure that that message is clear, relates to your brand & can be easily deciphered by your target audience.

Facebook data shows that people are 10X more likely to comment on a live video. Naturally, with all this increased user engagement, you’d want to put all research into making your live video streaming a super hit!

2. The target audience

A vital part of the above-mentioned research is knowing your target audience. You’ll be making & producing your live video streaming to this audience, so it’s important you know just who they are, what their specific tastes are, & what do they like to watch.

Often times, this can even stretch to include creating unique situations & personas in your live videos to make them appeal to a certain audience, but it isn’t always the case. 

Doing a preliminary homework on who & what your target audience is, in most cases, is enough to get sufficient traction on your live video. 

This might be easier for localised companies or brands, that have a relatively small target audience group. But for international brands with the audience spread across countries & in some cases, even continents, this might pose a set of challenges.

You might have to program your live video streaming according to the tastes of various audiences in different countries or follow a specific set of procedures that hold well for a wide range of people.

A lot of this boils down to choosing the right time to live stream your video, so that audience across various time zones can get to see it. 

Even when you’re live streaming locally across different parts of Australia, you need to keep in mind the differences in timings, & choose a common time to live stream your videos. 

Remember, the more you optimize your live streams to suit the preferences of your target audience, the more successful your live streaming strategy is going to be.

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3. The live video streaming platform to use

Another crucial part of target audience research is deciding which Live Streaming Platform to use for your live video streaming. This decision will depend on both the particular demographic of your target audience, & the specific goals you have set for your live video streaming.

It would also do you good to know the pros & cons of each live streaming platform before you take the decision to live stream on one or all of them.

Factors like the no. of active users the platform has, the particular audience demographics of the platform, & the active audience engagement of the platform are all to be considered before you make a final decision.

Facebook, for instance, has the largest user database amongst all social media platforms, & offers tremendous amounts of opportunity to creators to get their content & brands discovered by a billion strong online community.

The decision of choosing the best live streaming platforms is also influenced by the type of content you’re planning to live stream.

If it’s a public event like a product launch, new service introduction, opening of a new outlet, award ceremonies, etc., social media live streaming platforms are the perfect live webcasting solutions for you.

However, if it’s a private AGM or an inter-organizational meeting you want to live stream, it’s best to choose more private, secure live streaming services like Website live streaming, or password-protected live stream, etc.

4. The quality of your live stream videos.

Marketing researches prove that the quality of live videos matters the most when it comes to audience engagement. Aside from the content of the live video, it’s the quality that is portrayed throughout the video that makes the audience click on the video & engage with it.

And although it doesn’t necessarily have to stretch to setting up a dedicated studio to process your videos, but you just have to ensure that your live streams are top quality & showcase your content in the perfect light. 

And even if great content & heading should get viewers to click on your live stream, if the quality of the video isn’t in place, they aren’t likely to stay. Surveys show that around 67% of live video audiences say that the quality of the live streams is a major deciding factor for them to continue watching live video streaming.

Your Live Video Strategy should then, definitely include churning out great quality live videos so as to make your audience stay on a video, & not click out. 

So go on & follow these basic pointers that’ll help make your live video streams superhit, & grow your brand in every aspect.