When you talk of advancements in technology and how the world seems to be in for a digital overhaul, it is important to talk about the education sector too. The mothership that launches qualified and capable individuals into all the other areas of life, Education, is also facing the changing times in the past couple of years.

Institutions and the temples of learning that we see every day are not immune to the changes that the new digital world requires. Although it is not news to anyone that classrooms in schools and colleges have slowly been incorporated into this transformation, but the use of live educational video streaming is still growing. This article covers some important information about live educational video streaming that anyone involved in the education sector will benefit from knowing.

Benefits of live education broadcasting outside of classrooms

There are a lot of advantages of live educational video streaming for both the students and teachers, here is a list of some of the key ones:

  • It has been observed that audio-visual content holds people’s attention for longer periods of time as compared to the written word or text. Therefore, live videos in the classroom are more interesting for students than just textbook learning.
  • By the virtue of being a real-time interaction, live videos create a direct connection between the students and their tutor or resource-person.
  • In a traditional classroom set-up, the knowledge imparted has the barrier of the four walls of that institution. Whereas, the assistance of an education live streaming service provider can make that information reach to students from across the globe.
  • Since this is a flexible set-up, you can just as easily limit the people being involved in the stream. That means if you want to hold one-on-one sessions, you can do that too.
  • Tutors and educators can make the streams monetized and earn while teaching through this unorthodox medium as well.
  • Since live videos can allow institutions to approach industry resource persons more easily, it enhances the syllabus and the whole learning experience for the students.
  • There is a significant reduction in costs for both the students and teachers when both of them can be at their own respective locations while the live education broadcasting is going on. 
  • As this practice will grow, it will reduce the inequality between students from rural and urban areas, both being able to access the same education from their own locations and backgrounds. 
  • The overall revolutionising in the teaching methodology, increasing diversity in classrooms and change in the way education is provided to people from far and wide have a great positive impact on society.

Places to use live education broadcasting

  1. Classroom Streaming
  2. Graduation Ceremony Streaming
  3. One-On-One Sessions
  4. On-Demand For Exam Preparation

1. Classroom Streaming

classroom live streaming

Using an education live streaming vendor for any classroom can be beneficial to the learning process, especially for people who can’t be present in the classroom in real life. Whatever the reason may be for people not being able to attend the actual class, they don’t have to miss out on education with just a single click on the live stream available online.

When teachers establish such streams, students can not only attend a class in real-time virtually, but they can also interact and ask questions through the comments too.

2. Graduation Ceremony Streaming

Graduation Ceremony Live Streaming

This is something that has become a growing trend among young students who want to share the most important moments of their academic life with other people, including friends and family. It happens sometimes that parents or siblings are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, by live webcasting on social media platforms, they can be present for that virtually instead of physically. Additionally, any education live streaming company usually also allows the live video to archived to be replayed later on.

3. One-On-One Sessions

There is a lot of use of one-on-one sessions of live educational video streaming for professional courses and intensive training that needs the undivided attention of both the teacher and the student. Since there is no limit to when and where training and tutorings are required, live video sessions come in handy. One great example of this is corporate sector one-on-one sessions with students. This method saves time, money and effort of people who are already too busy to be commuting and taking out extra time for this type of tutoring.

4. On-Demand For Exam Preparation

Exams are a stressful time for every student and in the preparation for those, most people leave no stone unturned. This is the time when students are scrambling for help in understanding and covering difficult portions of the syllabus too. The answer to all these last-minute problems comes from your education live streaming service provider who also gives you on-demand classes by expert teachers and tutors when you need them. Students can pay for these virtual expert classes through monetized videos.

Although education-related live webcasting on social media platforms is not as effective as private servers provided by any education live streaming company, both are being utilized by the students. The growing ecosystem supported by education live streaming vendors is bridging the gap between people from all walks of life who want to learn and a sustainable learning environment, paving better opportunities for the future.