According to statistics, there were more than 3 billion active social media users in the world in 2018 and the number is only growing. 

As a marketer, social media presents an amazing opportunity to capture not only a large audience but also a lot of smaller but very targeted audiences for specific niches.

The rise of augmented reality and virtual reality has only contributed to the growth of social media as most of the major platforms have incorporated these technologies into their ecosystem.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the major social media marketing trends for 2019-2020 and how to use them for marketing more effectively in the all-encompassing digital world that we live in today.

Video Content Is The New King!

With the rise of top live streaming services, it is pretty easy to understand that video has become the most engaging form of content both on social media and the internet in general. 

While the developments in technology and internet accessibility have increased the reach of online video to a lot of people around the world, live webcasting on social media platforms is booming right now. It is not a surprise that focusing on live video is often included in the top social media marketing tips for live events.

According to statistics, video traffic would account for 82% of the total internet and traffic by 2022, mostly towards the top live streaming services.

Fortunately, taking these cues from the market, most social media platforms have introduced features that are video-centric such as Instagram stories and Facebook Live. As far as effective marketing goes, if you’re not using video as part of your marketing strategy in 2019, you’re missing out on a lot.

Using the services of a dedicated live streaming company and focusing heavily on video marketing can really add a significant boost to the marketing efforts for any brand. There are a lot of great live webcasting solutions for brand and organizations that help you undertake video marketing in a more effective and convenient manner. 

Video Content Is The New King

The Rise of Chatbots 

There was a time when Chatbots were considered to be innovative and new but they have become mainstream in 2019. Almost every major company in 2019 is using a chatbot in order to improve its customer relationship management, which is a crucial part of any business.

Social media has brought companies even closer to their customers and chatbots are increasingly being used to create real-time engagement with the customers. Messaging apps like Telegram and Whatsapp allow companies and people to create chatbots on their platform in order to create a better customer experience of the companies. 

The rise of chatbots in 2019 can be explained by a few reasons such as:

  • Most millennials prefer using electronic media such as email, chat, or social media to get customer support rather than a phone call.
  • Most millennials are also frustrated with the currently available customer support options here.
  • Most millennials think a text-based customer support option should be available for most brands.

So the major reason why chatbots have become a social media trend is that most millennials prefer getting their customer support over text and are dependent on social media to a large extent for all types of communication. Along with live webcasting on social media platforms, chatbots are probably one of the biggest game-changers in the world of social media in 2019.

Live Video Has Become Mainstream

While the concept of live video has existed for some time on platforms like YouTube, social media giants Facebook and Instagram adopted the concept of live video which made it a part of mainstream communication over the internet.

By adding augmented reality and virtual reality to the mix on a mobile-first platform, live video has become more convenient and accessible to a massive userbase.

Live video is also an incredible marketing opportunity in 2019. Most brands use the services of a dedicated live streaming company in order to create a more authentic image and engage with fans in a more direct manner.

While using live video as a marketing tool could have been considered as a risky move before, these days almost every brand uses live video as a part of their digital marketing strategy to engage with audiences in an authentic manner. 

The Rise of Impermanent Content 

While Snapchat initially made the concept of “disappearing” content famous, most social media marketing (SMM) platforms like Facebook live, Instagram live, Youtube Live, Periscope Live, and even Whatsapp have created their own “stories” features.

The reason why stories became so huge in 2019 is that it tapped into the FOMO (fear of missing out) that is common in a lot of audiences these days. Since the content is gone if they miss it, more people are likely to want to watch it. 

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Privacy and Social Data 

With the dramatic rise of social media in 2019, a lot of concerns regarding privacy, security, and surveillance came to light. During 2019, companies like Cambridge Analytics came into the forefront of the news due to the manipulation of election results using concepts like micro-targeting and psychological profiling of voters in the United States.

The world truly started understanding the power and influence that social media has over the world this year. This led to a trend of both brands and social media networks being more transparent, honest, and authentic when it comes to communication with their audiences. 

Audiences are growing weary of providing their private information to marketers without getting an adequate value proposition in return. While organic social media is not really affected a lot due to these concerns, paid social media marketing is going to be changed with the users being less trusting and wanting a more authentic connection rather than one-sided marketing communications that revolve around the collection of consumer data online. 


The world of social media is constantly changing as new features, technologies, and concepts are being added to social media every year. The smart marketer knows it’s better to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to social media marketing trends in order to be the most effective. 

Keep reading this blog to know more about the latest trends in the world of social media and live streaming, social media marketing tips for live events and live webcasting solutions for the brand.