While events always prove to be a great hub of people and ideas, it is often not ideal for the public to invest the time, energy and money into attending them. Marketing was made easier with such events and sales used to be through the roof until a couple of years back. Today, the scenario has changed and the need for live streaming on social media platforms for events is the need of the hour. Networking personally at corporate and other events might still have some value, but is it enough motivation for people to turn up in large numbers?

Events today require a unique mix of social and digital media tactics to be counted successful in terms of marketing strategies. Live streaming for corporate events is one of the most popular ways to get your audience engagement without having them attend the event in person.

People are online at all times of the day for various reasons, be it researching, shopping, interacting with each other or anything else. In a similar vein, live streaming is also done with multiple goals in mind and with different purposes. It can be done for educational events, general meetings, cultural gatherings, product launches, conferences, sports, music concerts etc.

With the advent of social media sites too, live streaming strategies have picked up the pace in the last couple of years. The event itself is now no longer a limited-time activity when your audiences can follow you online throughout the year, interact with concerned parties and engage with others with similar interests.

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Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn, they all are increasingly more involved in the marketing of your live events. Trending hashtags, tweeting, check-ins, status updates and live streaming, there are a lot of things to explore and use here. Below are some super effective social media marketing tips for live events.

Social Media Marketing Tips For Live Events

Make Pre-Event List

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An interesting fact about live events is that they seem to pass by quickly, ending even before you realise. To not miss out on any opportunities to network, build connections and make it a productive encounter, make a pre-event list of all the prospects and contacts that will be attending. This way, you can easily connect with all the people who are interested in similar things as you.

This can be done with events that are live streaming on social media platforms as well. With the help of the various social listening tools available online, you can find out the sponsors, speakers, interested parties etc of the event. You can connect with them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. An easier way to do so would be to create an event-specific contact list that can come in handy at any time.

If you represent a company or brand, make sure to make a contact list of your clients and email them inquiring about their attendance in the live event, or if they will tune-in for the HD live streaming services of the same.

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Do Social Media Outreach

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Any audience for your live event or its live streaming on social media platform tends to be more dedicated and engaged when you build a connection with them. One of the best ways to have that familiarity is through social media outreach. A large number of people participating will be more eager to seek out the event and things that interest them if they already know something about it beforehand. 

There are so many ways to create and get in touch with a database of your audience. Emailing, LinkedIn messages, Twitter direct messages etc are very effective for this task. Try to avoid using Facebook DMs because they are least likely to get through to your viewers. Whether you use the above-mentioned mediums or any others not listed here, personal touch in your message will bring better results than a mass-produced text forwarded to all the people you are trying to interest in your event.

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Prepare For Advertising

Advertising for your live event is essential not just before the event, but also during the event. Your chances of success increase when your prospects are being targeted and engaged during the event as well. The social media posts for the event are usually organic and centred around what is happening in the event. But the social media marketing strategy will yield more results if you pepper it with target ad posts as well.

Post Event Follow-Up

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Marketers often overlook the post-event follow-ups with their audience, a great opportunity that they miss out on. Not only this is a great way to get feedback, but the connection built in this time can get you to return attendees in the next event as well. Keep in touch with your list of prospects and share goodwill that will also be your word-of-mouth publicity. The important take to note here is that your live streaming strategies don’t just end at the end of the stream, they can incorporate your marketing plan of the stream as well, including pre-event, during the event and post-event outreach.

After you take into account all these social media marketing tips, make sure that you choose a great online video streaming platform so that you can make the most out of your live event. How you interact with and engage your audiences, whether through live streaming for corporate events or through HD live streaming services can determine the success of your live event.