Today, there are countless ways to reach people through the digital medium. One out of these many ways to connect to the masses is live streaming. What makes it unique is the way it allows a live two-way communication across the barriers of location and distance. With live video streaming becoming one of the fastest catching trends, an organization as important as the government is also not lagging behind in benefiting from it.

The government works for its people and is essentially driven by the community it leads. Thus it is important for it to reach the many levels, from grass routes to the top, of that community. By streaming government events live, the workings and decision making of the government become more transparent and easily accessible to the citizens. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows the government to better understand the needs of its people and for the masses to be more aware of what their government is doing in real time.

Why Live Webcasting For Government Events Needed?

Live Stream Government Events
Live Stream Your Political/Government Events

Digital is the way forward

Almost everywhere we go, we see the majority of the population with smartphones and access to the internet. Whether it is through mobile phones or any other devices, people from all walks of life are making their presence known digitally. It is the new way of life and is the next sensible step for any government to adopt. When a whole generation of individuals is more likely to raise concerns and talk about their problems on social media platforms, it is easier for the government to approach them through similar means. Live streaming of government events gives them access to meetings, press conferences, and any other relevant events.

Attending Meetings Virtually

Political leaders and locally elected heads may not always be available to attend meetings physically, but they can do so virtually with the help of live video webcasting. It is a highly flexible medium that provides the advantage of convenient attendance to both the audience and the people participating in the event. As a result, there is more engagement and better attempts are made in finding solutions to public problems.

Inclusive and Informed Decision Making

The live webcast of government events not only gives people the required information, but it is also a system that allows feedback, resulting in a more aware and involved audience. Everyone can be more involved in the decision making processes and keyed into the affairs of the state.

Now that the need for live video streaming for government is better understood, here are the things needed to be considered before going ahead with it.

5 Things to Remember Before Going Live

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Define the Purpose

Clearly define the purpose and goal of your live stream before doing it. Why do you need to do live video webcasting in the first place? What type of information and message would best be conveyed via this? Who are your target audiences for this stream? What type of reaction or engagement do you expect from this? These are all questions that should be thought upon beforehand. This purpose can later change and adapt to other communication strategies as well depending upon the then focus.

Promote Beforehand

Your live stream needs to be announced and promoted prior to the actual webcast so that you can generate audience interest in it and make it popular. This way a lot of people view and participate in the live stream, fulfilling one of the main goals of this method of mass communication. One of the most common ways to promote is through social media and by having a set webcasting schedule for regular/ weekly/ monthly streams.

Make Social Media Strategies

Social media is a very powerful platform that caters to all types of content. It is easy to use and many of your target groups can easily found here. Make sure to utilize this resource properly. You can also trend your content and campaigns here. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate social media into your communication strategies today.

Emphasise Key Information

The public does not always tune into a live stream from start to finish. So any important information needs to be repeated and emphasized for them to retain. Examples of this could be phone numbers, locations, websites, mottos/slogans etc. In case of emergencies, this emphasis should be even more as people are frantic for relevant information that can be of help immediately.

Have Trained Speakers

Live streams for organizations are not sudden events, most of the times they need to be planned and rehearsed beforehand. The need for a good and trained speaker is often underestimated, so make sure that you have one for your webcast. Your spokesperson can stress on the right parts and delivers your message the way you want it delivered can make your communication more credible with their consistency.

Live streaming has been adopted by many governments across the world as a medium to reach out to their respective communities. Whether big or small, many governments are streaming their city council meetings to the public for the sake of more efficient governance. In progressive cities like New York in America, the bylaws now demand that city council meetings be streamed live for the citizens to witness. This a measure of increasing the accountability of the ruling body.

Local governments and municipal bodies have taken up the issues presented with the physical part of government processes and have tried to solve them with the help of live streaming and other digital solutions. From mayors, council meetings, departmental announcements to multiple other government events happening almost every day, the live stream is a secure way to reach out and involve the masses. Live streaming for government events is truly an efficient way to encourage engagement and interest from the community in daily governance and other governmental activities.