Generation Z, or Gen Z, refers to the generation that was born between the mid-90s to mid-200s. What makes Gen Z so interesting is that they’re the first generation that grew up with the internet, making them native to the digital world.

From a marketing point of view, the attention of Gen Z is crucial as they will soon enter the prime working years of their lives and will be making most of the buying decisions across the world.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at the role live-streaming plays for Gen Z and why live webcasting solutions are focusing on creating features and content that really appeal to them. 

Live Video Statistics About Gen Z

Want to know why live webcasting on social media platforms is most relevant to Gen Z? Here are some key statistics you might be interested in knowing:

  • 98% of Gen Z owns a smartphone.
  • Over 50% of Gen Z  spends at least ten hours on their smartphones every day.
  • The average attention span of Gen Z is around 8 seconds.
  • More than 70% of Gen Z watches at least three hours of online video every day.
Gen-z live webcasting

For an online video streaming platform like Twitch, Gen Z is one of the key target demographics as they’re almost always connected to their smartphones and even though their attention span is small, they’re definitely willing to continue watching a live stream if it’s engaging to them. The novelty of live video and live webcasting on social media platforms is that the entire stream happens in real-time and most members of Gen Z prefer live video over traditional video because of this reason. Other reasons include fear of missing out and being bored with on-demand video and its lack of interactivity.

Live video is basically one of the best ways of reaching Gen Z and getting them to pay attention to your brand or product and live webcasting solutions can definitely help you with that.

Live Streaming Tips for Gen Z

Here are some tips that can help brands reach Gen Z more effectively when it comes to live-streaming video:

  • When it comes to maximizing your live stream’s effect on Gen Z, it is important to pick the right platform to go live on. Most of Gen Z prefers using short-form video-based apps like Snapchat and Instagram instead of using older services like Facebook which are often text-based social media platforms.
  • Another important aspect of Gen Z is their desire for authentic expressions when it comes to corporates and advertising. Most young people are driven by concepts such as being eco-friendly and hope for a better world. In order to connect with this generation, it is important to show them you care about values.
  • How you look is also pretty important for your Gen Z audience as they’ve grown up in a world that is very visual and immersive. So looking like you mean business is definitely major when it comes to live streaming tips to reach Gen Z.
  • In order to get the attention of Gen Z, a company has to cast a pretty wide net. This is mainly because the generation has access to a large number of options these days but also because it lacks a long attention span and usually spends their time on almost every platform. In order to have a successful live streaming strategy, it is important to consider all the platforms and not focus on only one.
  • Gen Z is also extremely adaptable to technology which means you can augment your live stream with other technologies that can enhance the experience of the stream.

Power of Gen Z in advertising and marketing 

power of gen z live webcasting

While the live streaming tips provided above can help you create better live streams for your Gen Z audiences, in order to truly reach them, you have to understand the power and role that Gen Z plays in the advertising and marketing zeitgeist today.

Every list of social media marketing tips for live events includes some specific tips for making your stream appeal more to Gen Z and this is because they’re becoming one of the sought after demographics for marketers and brands across the world.

Since they’re the most important segment of the target audience for a lot of brands these days, they have actually influenced the whole of the advertising world in general. Most marketing and ad campaigns these days focus on values that are loved by Gen Z such as social awareness.

In fact, the recent trend of being socially awake that is seen in the marketing campaigns of almost every major brand is mainly due to Gen Z’s commitment to social justice and a better world. If your marketing campaign isn’t socially aware, it’ll fall on deaf ears as far as Gen Z is concerned. 

Final live streaming tips for Gen Z:

It has been established that Gen Z is vital for the marketing world and live streaming video is one of the most meaning ways to reach them which means knowing how to reach this generation using live video is one of the most important lessons for the marketing world.

However, it is always possible to evolve to new standards and most of the world has already started the process of adopting Gen Z’s desires in their marketing. Here are some final streaming ideas to capture the evasive attention of Gen Z:

  • Have a purpose-driven live stream. Go live with a purpose that is in line with the values of Gen Z.
  • Focus on meaningful interaction and creating engagement.
  • Ensure the communication is direct, personal, and relatable.

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