Social media has completely changed our lives. Social media mostly guide the way we perceive things in our day to day life. From our pictures to places we visit and the food we eat, we share everything on social media, and this has become an integral part of our lives. 

Businesses are not left apart from the usage of social media. Recently, there has been a rapid rise in Instagram marketing. Online promotions are the new trending method of marketing and video plays a crucial role in it. Video ads engage more audiences as they evoke the fun element and reach potential costumers more easily. Most of the social media apps today provide live streaming services to their users, but Instagram has always been ahead in the game. Instagram allows users to record both long and short video clips. Many Instagram live streaming service providers can become a perfect method for your company to make the most out of these services provided by Instagram. Instagram provides its users with two services:

  • Instagram Live
  • IGTV 
IGTV Vs Instagram Live

Instagram live streaming solutions and IGTV, both have gained humongous popularity and daily users. Live broadcast service for Instagram allows shorter clips than IGTV, thus generating a sense of urgency. Whereas IGTV will enable users to upload longer video clips. Keeping in mind your requirements, you can opt for IGTV or Live Streaming on Instagram. There are lots of Instagram live streaming service providers that can help you out with the whole procedure. Now, let’s first discuss what live streaming and IGTV are and how they work? 

What is Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a live broadcast service for Instagram used to stream corporate events, music events, product launches, casual parties, etc. It allows you to start a live video anytime. It sends a push notification to all your followers asking them to join your stream. Live streaming on Instagram allows business companies to interact with their customers in real-time video chat. Instagram live streaming solutions can be seen in the same space where the stories are displayed on the app. The live stream gets deleted within 24 hours of upload and it works the same way as stories do. Thus, it generates a sense of urgency, making the viewers rush in so that they don’t miss out on anything. 

What are the merits and demerits of Instagram Live Streaming?

Live webcast on Instagram allows the content creator to engage with the audience while streaming. It will enable the streamer to interact with the viewers of the stream making the whole process more lively. Live streamers can pin any comment they wish to and are also allowed to report any inappropriate comments. They can also turn off comments if there are a lot of replies coming. As a marketing tool, Instagram live streaming solutions can be used for a flash sale, behind the scene footage, branding or quizzes too. Using various solutions from the Instagram live streaming service provider, you can also provide the users with a quick question and answer session.

The primary and most probably, the only demerit of the live webcast on Instagram is that its effect is not long-lasting. The impact created by Instagram live lasts only for 24 hours. 

What is IGTV?

IGTV is the newly launched feature on Instagram. This feature is also available as a separate app. IGTV is gaining popularity and is a giant leap for Instagram in the digital marketing arena. 

The Instagram live streaming company allows a standard 10 minutes of video upload on IGTV. They can even last for an hour if the account is verified. Videos uploaded on IGTV are displayed on both Instagram and IGTV app and they are pre-recorded. You can also add a hyperlink to the description below the video.  IGTV videos remain on the profile and special effects can be added to the videos while uploading. 

What are the merits and demerits of IGTV?

IGTV is personalized television for Instagram in which one can create their channel and upload videos that last longer than Instagram live. IGTV is an excellent tool for marketing for various companies and organizations to publish videos of tutorials, DIY projects, product usage, etc. IGTV videos have a long-lasting impact on the viewers as they can be viewed again and again. It also offers a vertical format especially optimized for smartphone users. You can also have some creative tools to enhance the videos before uploading. 

The major demerit of IGTV is that the videos can be edited before uploading which creates a chance of altering the brand image. 

The major difference between IGTV and Instagram Live:

instagram live stremaing solutions

Both IGTV and Instagram Live posses their own significance in marketing campaigns. 

  • Instagram live videos are shorter. They can be very beneficial for promotions of flash sales as they generate a sense of urgency. This allows quick engagement of users, whereas IGTV provides you with an opportunity for expansion. 
  • Instagram Live disappears after 24 hours whereas IGTV does not disappear within a time frame, it can be accessed on Instagram or IGTV app.
  • Live Stream on Instagram cannot be altered as there are no chances of editing the video whereas IGTV enables the users to add stickers, watermarks etc at the time of uploading. 

A definitive guide to Instagram live is a very helpful and most popular on social media platform nowadays. It has seen a sudden rise in its users for personal as well as business uses. Instagram Live and IGTV are two features of Instagram. It helps in marketing a brand, event, product or service through its video capabilities.