Live video is the most engaging form of internet content in 2019. According to studies, people watch live video eight times longer on average than videos which are available on-demand and eighty per cent of consumers would rather watch a live video from a brand than read/view their social media posts in general.

Instagram Live Streaming has made live streaming accessible for all the users on their massive platform. However, it is not exactly easy to just live stream on Instagram as a brand as due to the popularity of the medium, there is a high level of competition present currently, and you wouldn’t want your brand to lag in quality when it comes to Instagram Live streaming.

Instagram Live can be considered a feature of Instagram Stories, which allows users to post short videos which disappear after twenty-four hours unless saved by the user. 

When Instagram Stories initially came out, it was a great way to engage with your audience and live video is the same; in fact, it is even better when it comes to user engagement.

In this blog, we’re going to understand what Instagram Live is and the nuances associated with Instagram Live streaming for brands. We’re going to also go over the best tips and tricks for Instagram Live webcasting and how you can optimise your live streams for maximum impact and engagement.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live Video
  • The value of Instagram Live isn’t just live video but also the engagement tools that come built-in with the system, which allows the live streamer to interact and engage with their audiences in real-time!
  • When you live stream on Instagram, your audience can interact with you and send you questions as you stream. You can collaborate with other accounts while live streaming and you also use face filters and other features to make your live streaming experience stand out.
  • Instagram also prioritises live video and sends live streamers directly at the front of the list of stories in the app. For brands who are fighting for the attention of their audience, this means a huge deal and is almost a free boost in engagement and attention.

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How To Go Live On Instagram

Instagram Live Video

Going live on Instagram is obviously the first step you have to take to start a live stream on Instagram. Here are the steps on how to go live on Instagram:

  • For the first step, either click on the + icon in your stories section of the app or click on the camera icon on the top left of the screen. This should take you to the stories section of the app.
  • Once you get to the stories section of the app, you have to keep swiping right to cycle through the various stories modes that are available, including standard, boomerang, rewind, hands-free etc. Keep swiping until you reach the live video mode.
  • Once you’re in the live-video mode of the stories section of the app, you should see a button on the screen which reads “start live video”. However, do not click on that yet as there are a few more things we should ideally configure before getting into it!
  • To access the settings of your live video on Instagram, click on the gear icon on the top left corner of the screen. This should lead you to the settings page of the live video.
  • The settings section allow you to choose how your live stream would function. If you want, you can choose to hide your live video from specific people and you can also choose to disallow some people from sending your messages during the stream.
  • Once you’re finished configuring the settings, click on the button that reads “Done” and we’re good to go!
  • If you’re a brand that wants to live stream on Instagram, it is advised that you set up your equipment and network issues correctly before going live. A lot of companies use professional Instagram live streaming solutions and use Instagram live streaming services from dedicated live streaming companies, which results in a tremendous high-quality professional live stream leading to more engagement.

Managing Your Live Video

In order to have an effective live streaming experience on Instagram, you have to ensure that you are managing your live video as it happens. This section deals with optimising your Instagram live videos and ensuring they are managed properly, so they are effective and engaging.

Instagram Face Filters on Video
Instagram Face Filters
  • The moment you go Live on Instagram, your followers will get a notification that’ll inform them that you’re starting a live video. Also, there will be a little banner that says “LIVE” on your profile as it gets pushed to the front of the stories section for your followers.
  • During the stream, Instagram enables the audience to show their appreciation of the stream via pressing the heart button in the viewer. Every time they press the button, a heart will pop up on-screen. You can also view the comments of your audience on the stream itself as they come.
  • Instagram also allows you to pin comments and moderate the comments section to keep unwanted comments out.
  • You can also switch from the front-cam of your phone to the rear-cam of your phone by just double-tapping on the stream.
  • You can also invite other people to join your live video session and you can also use face-filters via the app during your live stream.
  • To end the live stream, click on the end button on the top right corner of the screen. You’ll be able to find the number of people who tuned into your stream and you can choose the option of saving the live video to your camera roll or your story. However, the comments and reaction of your audience wouldn’t be saved.

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Instagram Live Tips

Here are some tips for Instagram Live if you’re not planning to use any Instagram Live Webcasting Solutions:

Ask Me Anything Instagram
  • Have a purpose behind your live video. Having a common theme behind your entire stream helps in communicating with your audience what to expect from your stream. Some ideas for live video purpose include Q/As, product launches, behind the scenes, etc.
  • Learn how to promote your stream in advance. It is a great way of letting people know when you would be going live and what to expect from you. It also provides a great start to your live stream as there will be an initial audience right as you start. It is also a good idea to promote the live stream as it happens.
  • Focus on engagement with your audience and viewers. The main purpose of using Instagram Live video is to utilise the amazing engagement features it provides so make use of it. Acknowledge your audience by answering their questions, reacting to them, and letting them know what’s going on as they keep coming!
  • Practice, practice, and practice! Even though most live streams are casual, it is a good idea to practice before you go live. This allows you to have a plan of action before you start streaming and be more comfortable with the entire process.

Start Live Streaming On Instagram Today!


Any brand that doesn’t utilise the power of live streaming would get left behind in terms of reach and engagement on Instagram. Use these tips and ideas to start live streaming on Instagram today and make your presence more engaging and interesting to your followers!