The uses of live streaming video are many and varied, spanning from business to personal endeavours. In recent years, the number of people using this tool has been increasing steadily as more of them learn the marketing benefits of it. Live webcasting solutions are readily available across the globe and on sundry of websites. The impact and subsequent need for live streaming have resulted in almost all major social media websites to offer their live streaming feature to the users. In this age of digital media, we can find so much content on social media channels that it is almost reaching saturation levels.

Live Webcast

It is not surprising to witness a number of live videos in our daily forays into social media. Therefore it is even more disappointing for a marketer or the host of a live stream to find their own live video going to waste. If the live webcasting services do not fulfil their purpose and get many views, a lot of time, energy and money of the host goes to the dump. Only with a high viewership of your videos can you achieve the goals set for this activity and sometimes, much more than them. But how does one go about to increase live webcast views?

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Here are some of the tried, tested and best ways to raise the amount of viewership on live webcast without too much hassle:

increase live webcast views

1. Make the stream multi-destination

For any particular medium that you may have chosen as your live stream destination, the usual way would make you just stream there. Whereas in multi-destination streaming or simulcasting, you can stream to various destinations at the same time. These destinations may include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, personal and other websites. Since your stream would be running on many platforms at the same time, it is guaranteed to increase live webcast views.

2. Do multi-camera production

In live video content, the main attraction is the video and what all the audience can see in there. So having multiple angles of view and see the object of focus from different sides. This not only helps in creating a multi-dimensional image in their perception but also leads to raised interest and understanding in the audience. Choose live webcasting services that provide multi-camera as a standard in their production.

3. Use Switchers to increase the quality

A production switcher is a hardware device used to choose between different audio and video input sources. Since it can switch from one to the other, they are used in mixing videos as well. These can enhance your story content to look more appealing and immersive for the viewers. When you are looking for the best live webcasting solutions to increase your viewership, these can also be found under the names of video mixers and vision mixers. 

4. Make sure to promote beforehand

If a lot of people know of the stream before it happens, it is bound to increase live webcast views as well. Therefore, it is imperative that you announce and promote your live video from a week before it happens. Use multiple platforms to do so that you can cover the maximum number of audience. Use teaser clips, images and creatives to make it look interesting and generate curiosity.

5. Avoid glitches, buffering or dropping of streams

Use the most advanced and best technology and equipment available to have a good quality stream without any glitches. Make sure that your internet connection has a large bandwidth and is reliable so that there are minimum buffering and no dropping of the stream. Only a good quality of stream would get and maintain a larger audience.

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6. Have consistency

For any brand or individual to have a loyal follower base, consistency is essential. This means that if you have a topic, plan and date decided for the stream, stick to it. Do not do any last minute or sudden alteration to things, it breaks trust and makes you seem unreliable to the viewer. Be active and involved in the stream start to finish so that it doesn’t matter is a viewer has joined early or late, they will both experience the best of your stream and not leave unsatisfied.

7. Get to know your target audience

A major way to raise viewership on live webcast is to deliver to the audience, what they are looking for. To make this happen, you have to first define who your target group is and what are their likes and dislikes. From your previous interactions with them on your social media accounts, get insights about them and deliver a live stream that appeals to their areas of interest. 

8. Analyse and learn from previous streams

If you have streamed before and tired of your streaming content not getting to a good number of people, take a look at once again to analyse what went wrong. Check the analytics and video metrics of the previous streams to see when the number of viewers dipped along with the video quality itself. Watch the video as an audience and find the weak points of the stream not to make the same mistakes again.

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9. Content is king

After all the above-mentioned methods, one thing that will always be the centre of every plan to increase live webcast views is the content. Despite the best equipment, quality, and production of your stream, if the content and subject matter is not good, it won’t work. You need to have a solid set of content that flows naturally from the start of the stream to the end. Do not have blank spots that you will struggle to fill up when you go live.

Interacting and building a bond with your audience is one of the main uses of live streaming. Hence, having a large number of people watching your streams is necessary. This simple guide to increasing viewership on live webcast covers some tips for you to achieve all this and more!