Town hall meetings are an especially important part of a business strategy. They help entire teams take stock of the current situation in the company, as well as help every department gel with others smoothly.

As easy as this sounds, however, it isn’t always possible to carry through an effortless town hall Meeting across all departments and managerial boards of a company.

To begin with, most companies, especially multinationals, have employees dispersed across cities, countries, even continents.

In these scenarios, when a company has executives and employees across the globe, it gets increasingly difficult to streamline operations and establish a basis of mutual trust and understanding.

It’s precisely these multi-tier organizations with branches across the globe, that town hall meeting live streaming helps.

Streaming solutions for town hall meetings take care to establish a basic alignment among various departments and teams in a company.

Town hall meetings streaming services also take care of the quality of your live stream, so that the meeting is carried on smoothly and no ambiguity is caused.

Town hall meetings live streaming is important in a multinational corporation with employees, teams and executives all over the place.
Since Town hall meetings are such an important part of a company’s business policy, live streaming these in a seamless, effortless way is equally important.

In this article, we bring to you a complete guide on town halls live streaming tips, and services.

What You Need To Accomplish?

Town hall meetings streaming company should provide you with:

A Quality Experience

As a company’s executives spend a majority of their managerial tasks sorting office communications out, it’s imperative that town hall meetings streaming services are smooth and decipherable.

The communications should be clear and the quality uncompromisable.
Hence, whatever strategies, ideas or brainstorms take place during these meetings should be live streamed effectively in high quality.

Since the quality of a live stream highly depends on the internet speed, you should ensure that the streaming solutions for town hall meetings you’re using, have access to high speed internet.

Live webcasting on Social Media platforms might also prove to be helpful if your company is looking to let consumers in on the decision making process.

However, these have a different set of rules and regulations, though the quality expectation remains the same.

Conferencing tools like GoToMeeting or Skype might sound like a good bet, but these aren’t very credible when it comes to huge organizations with employees spanning over continents.

For these companies, the quality of their town hall meeting streaming services is a must, and they choose their webcasting companies for town hall meetings with much discretion.

Hiring good streaming solutions for town hall meetings, that have an expertise in live streaming one-way, high-quality videos, is a live streaming tip most companies comply with.

Overall, your town hall meetings live streaming should resemble and aptly compensate for a one-on-one town hall meeting.


Quality is not all that matters when it comes to town hall meetings live streaming. As these meetings are intricately integral to a company’s functioning, it’s especially important to ensure that these live streams are secure.

One of the most important live streaming tips, is to ensure that your streaming solutions for town hall meetings are taking enough security steps to maintain the privacy around your town hall meetings.

There are several ways town hall meetings streaming services can ensure security for your town hall meetings live streaming.

One way these live streaming services can do this, is by making a private link on a website, which the executives of the company can then forward to relevant employees and teams.

Also, you can also put some password protection on your live stream, and the password can only be shared with your employees.

Make Live Stream Visually Appealing

The main reason behind hosting a live streaming of town hall meetings, is to make it informational and visually appealing.

Town hall meetings are held to get a hold on the company’s policies, as well as share information back and forth within departments.

The primary task at the hands of town hall meeting streaming services then, is to make the live stream of the town hall meetings visually informative, impressive and appealing.

The way webcasting companies for town hall meetings can do this, is by integrating graphics in the live stream, as well as utilize some standard data driven visuals like bar graphs, pie charts, monograms etc. It is also known as PIP streaming.

You also have the choice to upload relevant documents in the live stream, to help your employees and teams better understand the point being made across.

There are many town hall meetings streaming services that allow you to customize your town hall meetings with graphics, cartoons, pop-ups, charts etc.

Once we have established the expectations and the end result of live streaming your company’s town hall meetings, we arrive at how to go about carrying out the actual operations.

Here’s all you’d need to host a successful town hall meetings live streaming.

Requirements for Town Hall Meetings Live Streaming

Technical Equipment

The first thing you’ll need is apt technical equipment for the live stream. The quality of this technical equipment determines the overall quality of your live stream, so make sure that your technical equipment is at par with your expectations.


Obviously, you’ll be needing a set of cameras to live stream your town hall meetings. Depending on the particulars of your set-up, you’ll be needing one, two or multiple cameras to be able to live stream your company’s town hall meetings.


Good quality microphones are a dire need for a smooth and successful town hall meeting live stream. The major consideration of town hall meetings is to streamline processes, and remove any traces of inter-organizational confusion. Needless to say, the live stream of a company’s town hall meetings should do just that.

Encoding Software

The software is what makes a live stream video impactful and what delivers the final end result.

The software takes all the inputs from the multi-angle cameras all around the venue, and creates a refined stream of bits that is then translated into the live video. The software also completes the live stream with additional graphics, logo and other effects which are overlaid on the video.

The better this encoding software works, the better will the output quality of your live streaming video.

Internet Access

Naturally, the next thing after cameras, technical equipment and encoding software, that makes a town hall meetings live streaming work, is high-speed internet access.

Without good internet access, any live stream would effectively crash and, at the worst, it wouldn’t be able to convey the message it was supposed to, and serve its purpose.

These are some of our live streaming tips on how to host a smooth, effortless live stream for your company’s town hall meetings.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Enjoy a happy live streaming session!