Instagram has proven to be one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s age. For businesses, having a strong presence on Instagram definitely comes with a lot of benefits. 

Instagram Live is a feature introduced by Instagram, which allows users on their platform to “go live” and stream video in real time to their followers. Instagram live streaming enables businesses to engage with their customer on a real-time basis.

Live video has been on the rise and is considered the most engaging form of online content today. In this article, we’re going to understand how Instagram live video for businesses work and how it can help in boosting your brand’s overall digital presence.

Potential of Instagram Live for Businesses

Instagram Live Video

Instagram Live is a part of the more significant Instagram stories features. When someone goes on Instagram, their live video stream is boosted by the Instagram algorithm to appear in front of all the stories for their followers. For a business, this means that your live videos will have a much broader reach than most of your content on Instagram.

Instagram live streaming is a powerful tool which, if properly harnessed and used, can lead to high returns. However, there are certain things you need to understand first to master Instagram Live. Most businesses opt to use Instagram live video streaming services but doing it DIY-style is also possible. Before you start, don’t forget to read these #40 Live Streaming Tips to Improve Your Live Broadcast.

How to use Instagram Live?

1) Identify Your Business’ Goal

Business Goals

The first step towards crafting a successful Instagram live strategy is identifying the primary goal of using Instagram Live video for businesses. It is essential to ask yourself why you’re using Instagram first and what value it would bring for your business.

There can be several reasons why companies use Instagram Live. For example, some businesses would like to use it for growing their brand awareness while some would like to use it for strengthening customer relations or for boosting the sales of a particular product.

Once you’ve identified your goal with Instagram Live, planning ahead would become much easier for your business when it comes to Instagram Live.

2)Follow a Schedule


The brands which utilize Instagram Live to their maximum understand that the key to being successful on Instagram Live is to be consistent. It is imperative to create a schedule and to follow it consistently in order to have an impactful presence on Instagram and utilize the true power of Instagram Live video for businesses. You must know these essential things about business live streaming.

3)Decide on a Format


It is better to have a fixed format for Instagram live streaming instead of coming up with stuff on the go when you’re live on Instagram.

Having a pre defined format makes everything easy to manage and deliver. It also keeps everything well managed and ensures a hassle-free live streaming experience.

Here are a few ideas for live video formats:

Format 1: Question and Answers!

Q/A sessions are one of the most interesting and impactful formats for live video. The point of this format is to communicate with the followers and answer their questions in real time. This creates a personal connection with your followers and helps in strengthening your relationship with them.

Format 2: Product Launch / Announcement

Product Launch

Instagram live video can be used as an effective tool to increase the reach of your business’ product launches/announcements. You can even use a dedicated live streaming company’s Instagram live video streaming services to create a professionally produced live video of a product launch. 

Format 3: Behind the Scenes

Live Streaming Requirements

Instagram Live provides your business with the opportunity to invite your followers to see what really goes on behind the scenes of your business. It is a great way to raise brand awareness while showcasing the culture of your business to your customers. 

Format 4: Interview

Instagram Live Request To Join

As opposed to the Q/A format where you answer questions asked by your followers, in the interview format you get to ask questions and get answers from someone like an industry expert or anyone else who’s relevant for your brand and business.



Even though Instagram Live is boosted to send you right to the top of your follower’s feed and attention, it is still advised to promote your live video in advance. Promoting your live stream does not have to be complicated and it can be as simple as posting on all your social media to expect you to be on Instagram live streaming.

Promotion of the live video can also continue while you’re live by posting the link of the live video to your other social media channels. Once the stream is finished, you can make them available on demand for your followers which leads to:

  1. Reusability of the content.
  2. Promotion for future live streams.

How Instagram Live Works?

Instagram Live Video

Now that we understand the broad concepts behind using Instagram Live video for businesses let’s take a practical approach towards how to do it. But make sure you consider these 8 things before live streaming events.

  • Since Instagram Live is a feature of Instagram stories, the first step towards starting a live video on Instagram is to access the stories section. You can do that by swiping right on the app or by clicking the tiny camera icon on the top left.

  • In order to use Instagram Live, you have to enable your phone’s microphone and camera and allow Instagram to access it.

  • Once you’re ready, you can swipe the screen until you reach the Live mode in your Instagram stories screen. On the top right corner, you’ll see an icon which will take you to a settings page if you click on it.

  • In the settings page, you can select various options like preventing certain users from accessing your live video, blocking messages from certain users. You can also choose to save your live stream on the local storage of your phone or not. You can also share your live video to your Facebook business page connected to your the Instagram account of your business.

  • Now you’re all set to go live on Instagram! While you’re live on Instagram, you can switch camera views to provide a better viewing experience for your audience.

  • Instagram also allows a user to go live on Instagram with another user. This is great for conducting live interviews and can massively help in Instagram live streaming for business. 

Make the most out of Instagram Live

Even though it is advised to use Instagram live video streaming services by dedicated live streaming companies for your business’ Instagram Live needs, there are a lot of inbuilt features that you can utilize to make your live videos more engaging and interesting to your audiences. 

Instagram Live is an Amazing Marketing Tool!


If used correctly, Instagram Live can be an amazing marketing tool for your business. As live video is becoming the norm in internet communication, businesses today should know how to utilize this powerful medium of communication to fulfil their objectives.

For Maximising the Impact of Your Live Streams:

  1. Plan ahead in time and have a steady course of action for all your Instagram Live initiatives.

  2. Promote your live stream across all social media and marketing platforms your business uses.

  3. Have fun! At the end of the day, social media runs on excitement and fun and a lot of businesses fail to deliver that in their live video.

  4. Use Instagram Live streaming services & webcasting solutions by a dedicated live streaming company like Dreamcast which can provide end-to-end support for all aspects of live video, not only on Instagram but across all digital media platforms.

Images Source: Instagram Press