It is the golden age for videos not just in big corporate broadcasting, but also for smaller businesses and networks. Live videos are another bonus to use of audio-visual tools for executing marketing strategies. Digital media marketing, especially, thrives from the use of live streaming and webcasting. Out of the many platforms on which you can conduct a live video stream Facebook live is the most popularly used one.

Understanding Facebook Live:

In very simple terms, Facebook Live is a live streaming feature that allows you to webcast live videos to your audience on Facebook. Since this service’s launch in 2016, users have been enjoying its benefits as marketers follow along to use this tool to their advantage. It is almost impossible to not see live webcasting on Facebook today on your homepage feed, someone or the other is live streaming at all times. And with one of the largest numbers of users, there are a lot of people hosting and viewing facebook live streaming.

live stream in facebook

Why Should You Use Facebook Live?

Whatever may be the purpose of your live stream, you can broadcast live video to Facebook in beneficial ways. Personal streams, professional streams, marketing and brand awareness; all of this and much more is accomplished easily with a live stream via Facebook. Here are the reasons for using Facebook Live:

1. Building A Connection:

Your audience may know of you, but does it truly know you? Your brand or company may be a familiar name to them, but they do not know your values, work ethics or just how you deal with your own audience. It is important to build a connection as real as possible with the audience to reach a relationship of trust and loyalty. And Facebook Live, no doubt is a great assistance in doing just that.

2. Real-Time Questions:

It is human nature to be curious and your audience is no different. There are bound to be a number of big and small questions that you viewers have about the company, brand, events or anything else. Live webcasting on Facebook allows you to answer these questions in real-time, boosting your credibility and giving a human face to their connection with the company. You can fix up a schedule for answering questions in either a weekly or monthly session as per the influx of queries.

3. To Share The Latest Information:

Like any other means of communication, facebook live is also a very good way to impart the latest information, industry trends, technology updates, etc. Rather than just tooting horns your own horn, broadening your audience’s horizon of knowledge is a better way to build connections and a reliable brand.

4. Experiencing Events Virtually:

Facebook live streaming has been known to have a lot of viewers who virtually attend events that they could not go to in real life. Not only they get the relevant information, but they also get to experience the event without the fuss of extra expenditure of time, money and effort. It is a smart way to be a part of events if you are not meant to be networking in them.

5. Give Sneak Peeks, Insights And BTS:

Another effective way to interest your viewers is by giving them exclusive information like sneak peek of projects, insights into your company life every day and glimpses of how work actually happens behind the scenes. These not only show your own trust in the audience but also add some personality and substance to your brand or company.

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How to Use Facebook Live?

After getting an idea about why you should use Facebook live, the next step is to learn how to use it with maximum efficiency so that you can start reaping its benefits as soon as possible. Listed below are some simple steps in order to help you with the endeavour:

1. Go To The “Live Video” Button:

When using Facebook from your mobile device, a small option for “Live video” will appear on the box where you draft a new post. When you use Facebook from a desktop, the page will show a bigger tab for “Live video” below the box where you draft new posts.

go to the live video button

2. Put An Interesting Description:

At first glance, the video description and thumbnail are what your audience looks at. It is important to have a video description that catches the viewer’s attention and compels them to click without being deceptive to the content inside. Your copy should be informative, interesting and actionable.

facebook live video description

3. Be Prepared And Click On “Go Live”:

Make final preparation, choose a location and set it up for your live stream before going live. If you do a recurring series of live webcasting on Facebook then use the same background to have consistency in your videos.

click on go live by facebook

4. Click On Finish Once You Are Done:

Once you are done and have covered all the prepared topic in the stream, click on the “Finish’ button at the bottom.

click on finish once you are done

5. Post The Video And Do Any Edits Needed:

After the live stream ends, post it on your page with descriptions, thumbnail and any other edits that you want. This for all the other viewers who could not tune in to your stream at the time it was live.

post the video and do any edits needed

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Best practices for Facebook Live:

When you broadcast live video to Facebook, there are many ways you can still enhance it with the help of many of these useful tips. Here are some of the practices that you should definitely put to use when you live stream via Facebook:

  • Get natural light, face a window.
  • Stream horizontally when filming on mobiles for better-sized video.
  • Make private practice videos on your Facebook page before going for a bigger audience.
  • Talk personal stuff and build a connection.
  • It is impossible not to make mistakes in a live video, embrace them and move forward.
  • Be engaging with your viewers and urge them to be interactive.
  • Have your comments and questions monitored?
  • Do not forget to do a memorable introduction and sign-offs in each video.
  • Customize your thumbnail to the most interesting visual of your video.
  • Put it on “Make Featured video” if your stream is very successful.
  • Analyze and get Facebook insights for the video for future use.

This comprehensive guide is meant to help you understand Facebook live streaming and ease you into using it to suit your purposes. Get started on your own live video streaming and achieve all your professional and marketing goals!