Of all the fields in the world where live streaming is utilized, church sermons still surprised a lot of people. The world is taking advantage of this new communication technology, then why should the service of God be left behind. 

Once you do resolve to put your service on-air, it doesn’t become easy to conduct live webcasting of the church service. It can often be challenging to manage the routine activities along with the live streaming services for churches. An essential prerequisite of being able to explore this avenue of connecting with the community is having the infrastructure for it. Most churches are neither equipped for hosting a live stream nor have the people who know how to conduct one. Since the need and scope of doing such webcast are relatively recent, you must first understand how it can be beneficial for you.

Advantages of Church Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming services for churches have the following advantages:

1. Give thought to your values

While many news and media outlets argue that religion cannot be practiced online, the fact remains that you can spread the message of god farther this way. It is a great way to reach out to people from near and far to give them the experience of church sermons without them being present in real life. So if your values allow live streaming services for churches, you should make use of it in this age of digital media.

2. You can reach more people

Not all people who are interested in the church and worship can achieve it. There can be many barriers in the masses being able to attend the service. The sick or elderly, people who have demanding jobs, those who live too far away; all of them can benefit from a real-time virtual service. These are the people who will most likely look up “live stream church services near me”.

3. It is a marketing tool too

Religious institutions like the church usually work more than well enough with word-of-mouth publicity that they inevitably get. But one advantage of live streaming services for churches is that they are also a great marketing tool. A live video can be easily shared and urge others into joining the community. Once the live streaming videos work in your favour, you can introduce further activities that benefit people from all walks of life that comprise your followers. 

4. It makes donating easier

Churches are always engaging in charitable works for the welfare of the community. But getting the donations and funds for the same is not an easy task. People are far more likely to donate some money online when they see the option rather than fork out cash in real life. Adding to that, far more people can access the online donation options as compared to the number of people who walk into the church.

5. Following successful examples

Many individuals have expressed that live stream church services near me worry a lot about the actual impact of it. Many believe that taking the sermon online will hurt the sentiments of worshipers and further reduce the actual attendance of the service. If that is the case, you can follow the case of other churches that have successfully doubled their online attendees. The Church of England is a perfect example to depict this situation. 

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What equipment do live stream church services near me need?

To successfully conduct good quality live video streaming services for churches, you first need to have the right equipment. Here is a list of all that you will need:

1. Camera

This is the most basic requirement for a live stream, but the church can’t afford too expensive camera set-ups like some news media agencies. So the best camera options for live stream services for churches are the ones that have HDMI output and shoot in HD video quality. Some of the best choices for you are – camcorder, DSLR camera or an IP live camera. These are the cameras to use for actual sermons, while for smaller events like one-on-one chats, you can even use webcams.

2. Tripod

A tripod is needed to make sure that your video quality comes out high and without it being shaky. This is especially required when the camera you are using is a DSLR.

3. Microphone

The microphone is needed for the pastor to talk into so that even the farthest audience can hear him clearly. And when the pastor speaks into the microphone, you get the audio input for your stream too.

4. HDMI Cable

Similarly, to get the video signal for your live webcast, you need an HDMI cable to connect with the camera.

5. HDMI Extender

If your camera is placed far away from the computer or laptop that you are using to live stream, you need an extension to connect them. This is where an HDMI extender comes in.

6. Encoder

To compress the large-sized raw video content that the camera captures, you need an encoder. You cannot stream those large packets of content and need either, a hardware encoder or an encoding software. 

Live video streaming services for churches are not that expensive if you have the additional help of your community chipping in for the funding. It can be an excellent aide to your noble work of spreading the message of the lord. If you have not thought of this option previously, now is the time to do so!