Conference video streaming services have become essential in business communications for organizations of all sizes. Live streaming conferences are used for both external and internal communications by businesses all across the world as they’re a cost-effective alternative in most cases.

However, setting up a 2-Way live video conferencing system by a live conference webcasting company for most businesses requires a lot of resources and time. Many things have to be considered when setting up a business 2-way live video conferencing system.

This blog is meant to be a guide to help you set up a 2-way live video conferencing system for your business and how to utilize live streaming conferences to the max!

Live Video Conferencing Needs for Enterprises

When it comes to selecting your conference live streaming vendor, it is important to decide what the business live video streaming needs of your organization first. Here are some things to consider before deciding on a vendor for live streaming conferences:

1. The Number of Offices

The kind of conference video streaming services that your business requires largely depends on the number of offices the organization has.

The primary reason businesses use the services of a conference webcasting company is to facilitate powerful yet cost-effective communications between the different offices of the company. Hence, the need for business live streaming solutions is naturally dependent on the number of offices the system has to connect.

2. Number of Remote Workers

Conference video streaming services are often used to communicate and coordinate with remote workers by team leaders in various organizations across the world.

An organization where most of the workers are remote will obviously require a more robust 2-way live video conference system than a company that doesn’t rely on remote workers that much obviously. 2-way live video conferencing tools are literally the foundation when it comes to communication in some businesses which follow a fully remote model.

3. The Size of the Business

The size of the business and its operations also play a huge role in affecting the business live streaming needs of the company. The bigger the business, the higher, is the need for effective communication. 

4. Main use cases for Live Video Conferencing

Selecting the perfect conference live streaming vendor for your business will also depend on how the organization will use it. There are multiple ways to use live streaming for communication.  

Some organizations require more one-on-one communication while some want their live video conferencing system to facilitate group communication better. It becomes easier to select a conference webcasting company for your business once the use cases are clearly defined.

Types of Business Live Streaming Solutions 

There are a lot of different live streaming solutions in the market today. It is important to understand that different types of solutions have different strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the common types of live streaming solutions:

1. Traditional Conferencing Tools

These are the old-school video conferencing tools. They typically require complementing hardware and regular IT support to keep running efficiently.

The downside of these tools is that they require a lot of maintenance and the system needs to be updated on a regular basis. While they perform really well, they are on the expensive side and not required for every organization or business. 

2. Web Conferencing

Web conferencing tools are usually not really dedicated live streaming conference tools but involve 2-way live streaming as a feature alongside other features such as screen sharing and on-screen presentations.

While these solutions are not true live streaming solutions, they play a vital role in managing communications for many organizations around the world. They also play a vital role when it comes to collaboration due to the features that come along with the package.

3. Instant Conferencing

There are some live streaming tools that are built to facilitate instant communication between people. While traditionally, live streaming tools require planning between the parties, these tools allow anyone to reach a person instantly using a link. It is more like a video-call instead of 2-way live streaming.

4. Cloud-Based Conferencing Tools

Some web conferencing tools are purely based on the cloud. They are the most convenient to use as the entire tool can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. However, they are usually not as powerful or filled with features as traditional web conferencing tools.

Uses of Live Video Conferencing

Live video conferencing is a tool that can be used in a number of ways. Here are some of the ways live video conferencing can be used by the organization: 

  • Live video conferencing can be used in HR and training effectively, especially when it comes to introducing new employees to the policies of the company.
  • Live video conferencing can also be used to provide IT customer support to remote employees and coordinating with them in general.
  • Other uses of live video conferencing including internal and external communication for the organization. Most social media marketing tips usually advise companies to use some element of live video as it can really boost the brand presence of the company on various social media platforms.

Selecting a live video partner for your organization 

Most businesses use the services of a dedicated live streaming company to handle all their live video activities. It is important to choose your conference live streaming vendor carefully as there are only a few companies that can handle all the different aspects of live streaming. 

For example, more and more businesses are using live video streams on social media platforms these days as part of their marketing initiatives. However, handling a social media live stream is different than handling a web conferencing or 2-way live video conferencing system.

When you’re choosing a live streaming partner, it is important for you to choose a dedicated company that has its expertise in live video in general and is versatile enough to meet the changing requirements of your organization.


We hope this blog was useful in shedding light on how 2-way live video conferencing should be handled for corporations. Keep reading our blog for more information on live streaming and other social media marketing tips.