Live streaming has become one of the most engaging ways to communicate online as it provides the unique novelty value of interacting in real-time with your followers over the internet.

Most social media platforms caught on early with the live streaming trend and now you have multiple social media platforms where you can go live. 

A facebook live broadcast has become a common part of the digital marketing strategy for most brands and individuals in today’s world.

However, the downside of having so many social media platforms that support live streaming is that you need to have a separate strategy for each of them in order to be effective on all of them. 

For example, what may work on a live stream on YouTube Live may not work on a live webcast on Periscope.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at what makes each platform special and how to use it to our best ability from a live stream on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Periscope live.

Live Streaming On Social Media Platforms

We’re going to break down the strengths and weaknesses of each platform before revealing the best strategy for the platform so you can exploit the strengths while keeping yourself safe from the weaknesses that are inherent in the platforms.

Live Streaming on Facebook Live

A facebook live broadcast is one of the most effective ways of interacting with your audiences in real-time over the internet. Facebook also allows you to embed the live videos which means you can put a facebook live stream on the website to increase its reach.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms today and they were one of the first social media platforms to jump on the live video bandwagon with Facebook Live which was an integrated live streaming service within Facebook. 

Just the presence of so many facebook online video streaming services is evidence enough to show how huge Facebook Live is when it comes to live-streaming. 

facebook live stream on website

What makes Facebook Live such a mammoth in the live streaming world is the flexibility and integration offered by it. There are a lot of facebook online video streaming services that make the process easy and approachable for anyone today. Facebook webcasting providers often come up with tools to further enhance your live streaming experience on Facebook.

While facebook live streaming guide can help in making your live streaming process very easy, you have to factor in the limitations of the platform when you’re creating your live streaming strategy. A live stream on facebook live is effective for short durations but it is not the best option for a professional live streaming platform. However, facebook online video streaming services can indeed make it easier for you to go live on Facebook!

Combining streaming on Facebook Live with facebook webcasting providers is one of the best ways to go live on Facebook as this will ensure some of the limitations of the platform can be circumvented. When it comes to putting your Facebook Live stream on the website, facebook live video streaming solutions can again make the experience more customizable and easier.

Live Streaming on Instagram Live

Instagram has come a long way since its creation and is one of the most popular social media apps in the world today. Instagram Live is a part of the stories section of the platform that allows users on the platform to broadcast live video to their followers and interact with them via a variety of engagement features. A saved version of the live video stays on the profile until 24 hours from the start of the stream. 

live streaming on instagram live

While Instagram Live Streaming increases your engagement in the platform, there are also certain limitations when it comes to the live streaming platform and it is definitely not an alternative to a professional live streaming service.

Live Streaming on Periscope

Periscope was acquired by Twitter before it even launched which tells a lot about the potential of the platform. Today, Periscope is completely integrated within Twitter and serves as an excellent way of live streaming to reach your audiences. Ideally, when you live stream on periscope live, it is better to have a less than professional approach to the stream. 

Basically, Periscope is better suited to provide behind the scenes live footage rather than the live footage of the real show. Ideally, it is better for a live webcast on Periscope to have a look where it seems like you’re streaming from the source itself, for example, footage from the crowd of a band’s show would likely get more viewers than produced footage of the gig itself.

live webcast on periscope

Using the services of a Periscope live streaming company can definitely help you in maximizing the effectiveness of your live streaming on the platform though. A live webcast on Periscope can help in reaching new audiences but remember the type of content you should live stream on Periscope live should ideally be rawer than on other types of platforms.

Live Streaming on YouTube Live

YouTube Live is considered the standard when it comes to live-streaming. Live stream on youtube live has been one of the oldest ways to go live on YouTube. Due to the video-centric nature of the platform, live video was a natural hit when they started experimenting with it around 2013. 

youtube broadcast video

However, due to its massive popularity, when you live webcast on Youtube, you’ll face a lot of competition as most of the major live streamers use YouTube live to stream live video. A youtube live streaming service provider can definitely help in producing quality live streams by their youtube video streaming solutions.

When it comes to youtube broadcast video, the game is all about quality which can be easy to achieve when you’re using the dedicated services of youtube live streaming company.


The world of live streaming can be tricky, especially when you have so many options for live streaming on social media. However, by keeping a platform-specific approach, you can ensure your live streaming strategy can extremely effective.