In the past few years, Social Media Marketing trends have seen a new addition, Live Webcasting on Social Media platforms. Live streaming services have been quite popular as of late, & the excitement has seeped into almost every corner of our viewing habits!

Australians have for long been enthusiastically following sports. In a country where almost every household follows a game religiously, it’s no wonder sports live streaming services are so popular. 

Live webcast for sports offers everyone the opportunity to engage with a game live! Unlike traditional TV broadcasts, live stream for sports is different in some subtle ways. For one, it’s more distributed & offers better ease-of-access than most global broadcasts. 

Its popularity can be easily gauged from the fact that most top sports distributor services & channels have made a live broadcast for sports a mandate during major games! 

The live stream revolution also spells multiple benefits for the viewers, ease of access & varieties of options being amongst those! It’s safe to say that along with live webcasting on social media platforms; sports live streaming services are quickly gaining mass popularity! 

There are several reasons for this steep rise in live streaming services. According to major surveys, today’s generation spends more than twice the average time surfing the web & watching videos than their predecessors! This could be attributed to the availability of the Internet, even in remote, under-developed areas, & the ease at which most sports live streaming services can be accessed. 

Besides this, videos are incredibly useful when it comes to engaging people & in telling a story! When those videos are streamed live, it isn’t that difficult to determine their fate on the Internet!

Live sports streaming Australia services are trendy & have millions of users in the country! Not just that, social media marketing tips predict a steady rise in the effectiveness & appeal of live broadcast for sports services.

Benefits Sports Live Streaming Services

Sports live streaming services have multiple benefits, including:

1. Global outreach

Arguably one of the most significant benefits of Live Streaming services is their ability to reach people all over the world who’ve access to an Internet connection. Live Stream for Sports has been proven to increase the outreach & appeal of sports dramatically. In any case, when a particular game is streamed live for the masses, it leads to great popularity for the sport & attracts new participants & sponsors as well.

2. Increased revenue opportunities

Since live broadcast for sports engages millions of people at once, it’s a great channel for revenue generation. Big Live sports streaming Australia brands utilize live webcast for sports as an opportunity to attract potential sponsors & generate handsome revenues! It’s safe to conclude that like all kinds of live webcasting on social media platforms, live webcast for sports rakes in a hefty revenue share for its distributors. 

3. Better consumer choices

The primary reason why streaming services are so popular lies in the inherent consumer choices it offers. Users of sports live streaming services have the freedom to watch the game at any time regardless of when it’s being aired live. They don’t have the restraint in choosing from the fixed number of channels their cable operator provides them with. 

The choice isn’t limited to just consumers alone. Broadcasters too have the freedom to decide if they want to stream content for free or put up a paywall for their users. The paid users fall in the privileged category & can have some exclusive access that usual customers don’t. Apart from this, they can also put up geographical restrictions based on user IPs over their content to keep per various online streaming laws.  

Now that we’ve covered all the reasons explaining the popularity of live broadcast for sports services, we’ll cover the basics of live stream for sports. If you’re a broadcaster looking to offer live sports streaming Australia services, here’s a complete How-To guide for you.

Take Care of The Basics Equipment

The process of live broadcast for sports is quite simple, even for novices. All you need is some simple equipment like:

  • A Camera,
  • An encoding device,
  • A good internet connection,
  • A live streaming host

Each of these components are essential for a successful, seamless live stream for sports. And if you’re planning to cover an entire game, you’ll likely need more than just a webcam. If your budget allows, opt for multiple cameras installed all over the place & synced to each other via live switches. 

1. Camera

The First thing to keep in mind during a live stream for sports, is to employ camera operators who’re familiar with how the sport in question is played.

Live broadcast for sports requires you to employ at least two cameras; one to zoom in on all the action going on in the field, another to capture the reactions of the crowd. Another thing that you’d have to take into consideration is to have a mechanism in place for rotating the camera at the right times & right angles. 

For smaller streams, this could be done via a Tripod. For covering bigger games, you might want to consider a fluid-head tripod that pans smoothly or a jib arm that captures arm movements.  

2. Encoding device

Next comes the Encoding device, which again is pretty simple to implement. The easiest Encoding devices can be understood from an example. Facebook live & Periscope live use an ingenious software that encodes your live stream right in your phones, then posts these to your profiles. 

The choices for Live Sports Streaming Australia service providers is between going for an open-source Encoding software like OBS Studio, or encoding hardware. Whatever you choose, it serves the purpose of transforming your recorded video in a viewable video format for your users.

The general advice for Sports live streaming services, is to go for an external encoder & excellent quality cameras with zoom lenses to record the whole event smoothly. 

Translated in layman language, it implies that while live webcasting on social media platforms for sports, you should go for a dedicated hardware encoder or a laptop computer with encoding software. 

3. Internet

In addition to the camera & encoder, you’ll also need a pretty stable Internet connection to let your live webcast for sports carry on smoothly. 

Experts recommend an upload speed of 2-5 Mbps for sports live streaming services, but since most sports are broadcasted at 60 frames per second, it is advisable to have a speed of 10 Mbps or higher.

4. A good video hosting platform

The last thing you’ll be needing is a live streaming host. The Online Video Platform you choose takes your recorded video that comes in from the encoder & re-encodes it into various bitrates. 

This ensures that your live video plays on different internet speeds & locations. The Video Hosting Platform also distributes your live video to Content Delivery Networks all around your area, so that users near & far can get access to your live stream. 

In conclusion, you need to ensure that all the systems are working fine before the actual event. The only way to make sure that this is the case is to have a dry run a night before & work out any possible glitches ahead of time. Take care of all these basic pointers, and your live stream for sports will take place smoothly.