After receiving a government order stating to pay the news publisher, Google has opted to block Australian news sites from their search results.

It has been observed that Google is reportedly blocking Australian news sites from appearing in their search results. The news regarding the government ordering Google to pay the content publishers made headlines a few months ago. In a follow-up reaction to that, Google turned towards blocking all the Australian news websites. This move has gained a lot of criticism from every corner of the world.

One of the prominent affected websites, The Sydney Morning Herald, tells the reporters that this is a strategic move stated as an “experiment” by Google. According to the sources, we can expect this experiment to function up until the next month. Unquestionably, this move has received some major condemnation. People have stated that this decision negatively affects the Australian news industry.

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Here is what the Google spokesperson supposedly said to The Herald:

We’re currently running a few experiments that will each reach about 1 percent of Google Search users in Australia to measure the impacts of news businesses and Google Search on each other.

Experts are interpreting this decision as a move to subdue the lawmakers. The main intention behind this appears to make them vote in opposition to the proposed industry code. This decision focuses on convincing Google as well as Facebook to share a part of their revenue with all the news publishers.

Here is what the spokesman for Nine, has to say on this:

Google is an effective monopoly and by withholding access to such timely, accurate, and important information they show clearly how they impact what access Australians have to that.

This is a petrifying situation clearly depicting Google’s market power. The demand for recognition and fair pay led to the chilling disappearance of Australian news publishers from the internet!

Google’s take on this entire situation states that the news publishers are profiting through the traffic generated via referrals. According to an estimate made by Google in the year 2018, news publishers successfully received an amount of $218 million solely through referral traffic.

The company spokesperson states that:

We remain committed to getting to a workable code and look forward to working with the Senate committee, policymakers, and publishers to achieve an outcome that’s fair for everyone, in the interests of all Australians.

The proposed code facilitates the content publishers and empowers them to pitch a suitable deal with famous platforms like Google and Facebook. It focuses on empowering them to work together in a healthy and fruitful environment. This code talks about mutually deciding a price that caters to everyone’s requirements.

The code is being carefully analysed by the Senate committee. The final voting process will take place later this year if the code is found to be appropriate. Moreover, this code was formulated by the Australian Competition as well as the Consumer Commission.

Why Is It So Important?

This entire propaganda might not appear as extremely important at first glance. It is expected for you to wonder “why is it generating so much buzz in the market?”

Well, this can be interpreted as a clear sign of what the future holds for us. Although the Australian news websites are the only ones being affected right now, this can also happen to any country in the near future.

This is a great opportunity to observe all the reactions made by the company. It allows us to analyse what turns to expect if similar laws are imposed.

This is the right time to comprehend whether blocking Australian news websites is the correct alternative to target a tedious situation?We can expect this story to be in the headlines as Google’s experiment remains in implementation for the coming weeks.