The world today has a million forms of entertainment for the people, yet music has always been and probably always will be one that is the most liked on a larger scale. Millions of people consume so much music regularly, be it through song downloads, watching music video broadcasts, live streaming their prefered songs or witnessing live concerts. 

Nowadays the masses not only get to see live stream music concerts, but they also share their own live video stories from actually attending the concert. You can see your friends and family experiencing music events live through their live webcasting. Rather than posting pictures and videos of it, later on, people now provide videos in real-time for their viewers. This type of live webcast music event can garner a lot of interest and word-of-mouth publicity. Live webcast music concerts not only allow a number of people to participate virtually, but they are also excellent for the marketing aspect of the event. 

Music Event Live Streaming

There are many things that you need to take in consideration when you live webcast your music event, here is a list of a few primary things:

1. Drive Sales With Music Live Streaming Services

It seems counterproductive to light stream an event if you want to increase ticket sales, but the evidence so far has been against this notion. Coachella, for example, has definitely seen a rise in the sale of its tickets despite being widely streamed by the audiences and officially as well. Studies suggest that almost 70% of the people who see live stream music concerts are likely to buy the tickets next time. The number may not be as high for annual festivals, but the rise in ticket sales, in that case, is also undeniable.

2. Release Teaser Videos

Before the start of the actual event, you can build interest by sending out a few teaser videos. These videos can be behind-the-scenes of the venue, about preparations for the event, bites of people that will be performing and any other relevant subject that might entertain your audiences. This not only starts the buzz and conversation about your music event, but it also adds to the anticipation.

3. Music Event Live Streaming Solutions

While the user-generated content at the concert is very nice and works wonders for your publicity, having your own professional music event streaming providers is essential too. An official live stream of your event garners even more viewers and participant online than the fan videos. Once these types of music live streaming services become a regular part of your event, even more, people will tune in to watch it.

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4. Engage Fans With Live Stream Music Concerts

Live streaming videos of your music event are far more realistic and efficient in showing just how your event feels like than any other marketing effort could be. The fans and audiences who can’t attend it in real life are far more likely to engage with live video than photos or videos posted later on. With some customizations, other features can also be added to your live stream to better interact with the online audiences. These features could include Q&A formats, polls, exclusive meet and greet segments, etc.

5. Try Using Facebook Live

Out of the many social media and other platforms to live webcast your music event, Facebook live remains one of the most popular ones. With a large number of people using Facebook regularly, Facebook reaches even more live viewers than Youtube. Along with the websites own features and analytics that are incredibly helpful, your video can be archived or shared even on Instagram stories.

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6. Get Influencers

Not all the people who attend your concerts have the same social media standings and practices. Some of them are more famous than others on social media, whereas some others avidly like to famous these influencers. It is, therefore, important to have such influencers present at your event and have them live stream parts of it so that it can reach an even larger audience base.

7. Emphasis On Quality

It is obvious that when you watch a video, the quality of it matters a lot. The same holds true for live videos as well. Make sure that your music event live streaming solutions provide you with a good quality live webcast. The videos should not be blurred, shaky, dark or of bad quality in any other way. While the high-quality video production might be a bit more expensive, it definitely pays off when the end results turn out to be great and your audience gets the best live streaming experience possible.

8. Motivate People To Share Stories

At your live webcast music concerts, make sure to do everything that encourages more and more people to share live content about the event. You can give them good WiFi, fun social media hashtags and just overall great moments to share via live videos on their own social media profiles. The buzz created and the excitement built with these is enough to get a lot of other people online fear of missing out (FOMO). And in this day and age, a lot of the masses are pulled into your event by this very FOMO.

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Music Live Streaming Services By Dreamcast

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