Live stream video content is one of the trending marketing tactics on social media platforms in Australia and all over the globe. Not only does a live streaming video has the urgency that brings audiences to view them, but it also gives viewers a chance to interact with the hosting brands in real-time. It gives you the advantage of engaging your consumers effectively and allows your brand to make a lasting impact on them. It attracts comparatively more traffic than blogs or other platforms used for promoting.

Live streaming and webcasting can be used to increase your brand awareness amongst the consumers if done the right way. In all this, you should note that the content that you publish live has to be relevant, good and interesting all the time. 

Live Stream Video Content

Here are some tips for live stream video content that attracts audiences:

1. Q&A/ Live Chat

Conducting a live video chat or a Q&A session with your audience is found to be the basic step for any live streaming practices. You may also start streaming with a simple Q&A session to mark your presence on a social media platform effectively. The questions from the viewers should be answered with the purpose of spreading the word. And there you get the publicity which is most reliable in every new generation (Gen Z). When you already have an established online presence with a significant following, then a Q&A session is a great way to acknowledge and listen to these people.

2. Office tour

People obviously love a sneak peek at the offices of their favourite brands. You can grab this opportunity to increase your fan base, especially if your workplace has a unique interior. A live tour of the office which looks more spontaneous than planned would go a long way to help promote your brand amongst the viewers. The introduction or glimpses of the human faces behind a brand help people in relating to it much more.

3. Behind the scenes

One of the smartest ways to increase consumers’ loyalty towards your brand is by taking them to behind-the-scenes of an ongoing event. Most of the time, the interaction between the brand and the consumers is all about the advertisements and marketing of their products or services. Live event webcasting that includes the behind-the-scenes nurtures their interest if you go live on a social media platform and show behind-the-scenes of an event. You may walk them through the preparations of the event or let them know how each employee of yours is participating in the event etc.

4. How-to videos

Another great way to engage your audience is by showing them a live video of creating something. The most popular searches on the internet include “how-to”. You can go live with a tutorial of something related to your industry or give people advice regarding how to go about doing a particular task. When you have a large chunk of audience needing guidance and ready to listen to you, you should use this opportunity with the help of live webcasting solutions. Live videos of making DIY art pieces, fixing things around the home, make-up tutorials by beauty influencers and many more are the type of content that you can already find on your social media home pages.

5. Announcements and Product Launches

Going live to make a new announcement improves the credibility of your brand. The audience feels like they are a family when your company streams a live video to announce a new product, service, or an offer. This way, they are a part of that moment in real-time even without being present at the location physically. Live event webcasting of such things is a great connection building technique to have loyal audiences.

6. Host a live event

Showing the live video of an ongoing event helps your viewers get involved with the event regardless of wherever they are. However, hosting an event that specifically has a top-notch live event webcasting facility or is especially meant to be a live event has a very different effect on your online audience. A successful event like this easily becomes the talk of the town too and your brand gets all the publicity you want.

7. Exclusive interview with a guest

Having a guest visitor in your office and streaming a live interview with them is one more great way to engage your audience. A famous personality in the industry increases your brand value and brings with it some cross-promotional opportunities. Your audience starts to follow them and their audience also starts to show interest in your brand due to this live streaming video.

8. Share success/struggle stories

The generation is always keen to know about the struggles you faced in the journey of establishing your reputation and how you succeed in the process. Going live with such an idea is definitely a great way to attract traffic. People are always impacted by stories about human and real things; shared experiences and inspirational stories found online live stream video content can engage a lot of viewers and often urge them to follow up as well.


Using social media platforms with a dedicated content strategy goes a long way in the field of digital marketing, and live webcasting solutions seem to be the taste of the masses. Use the platforms available to you wisely and attract all the traffic you are willing to receive via live streaming and webcasting to increase the market value of your brand. It is, after all, high time to utilize these tools to profit and rise above in the market.