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Live webcast your event with Dreamcast and allow your Brand to reach out to your audience on any device as per their convenience. Let us help you in fulfilling your dreams and sharing your success story.

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Facebook Live Streaming

A fun, powerful way to engage more audience to your webcast is by streaming it on Facebook.

YouTube Streaming

Let us work together for your next YouTube streaming. We excel in organizing a hassle-free live streaming and offer complete assistance to our clients.

Periscope Streaming

Grow your audience by streaming your event directly to Twitter. A perfect solution for any Brand willing to create a huge Twitter following.

Instagram Live Streaming

Go Live on Instagram with our multi-camera set-ups and effective audio systems.


Expand the reach of your event across geographical boundaries and broadcast your annual events, town-hall meetings and seminars with ease.

On-Demand Streaming

Dreamcast empowers you with video-on-demand services which allow you to watch a previously broadcasted event.

IP Based Streaming

Dreamcast’s professional services let you experience seamless live streaming of your upcoming event.


Monitoring activities made easy with our easy to deploy surveillance system. Watch your staff at the office or proceedings at an election, or Archive for later.

Mobile/Tablet Streaming

Our reliable and fast live streaming services are the best to stream live events, anytime and anyplace.

2-Way Webcast or Video Conferencing

Live Broadcast over the internet with 2-Way Webcast Services or Video Conferencing Solutions.

Live Webcast your event or conference with Dreamcast. We offer end-to-end customized live streaming solutions as per your requirements. We help you live stream your event in full HD quality on multi CDNs - Facebook, YouTube, Google Hangout, IP Based, Twitter/Periscope and more.

Dreamcast is the leading live streaming company in Australia offering customized and creative webcasting solutions across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Gold Coast.



Maximize the reach of your conference with live streaming

By streaming the events live for others, it’s possible to convert the missed opportunity into extra revenue. We enable you to easily connect and engage with remote audiences anywhere you want. Webcast services enable you to stream conferences, workshops, panel discussion and more effectively.



For best possible coverage of any sport and gaming events

Live streaming services enable the sports fans all over the world to access the live action. Dreamcast is an expert in making you independent and help in creating your own space. Right from pre-event buzz to athlete interviews, let your fans be a part of your event and catch all action from the comfort of the couch.



Let your event make some noise

In this tech-savvy world, Dreamcast makes it possible to connect with fans during conferences, concerts and more. It’s easy to let your fans catch your events on a device of their choice and get into their heads.



Seamless streaming of academic events of any kind

Dreamcast enables educational institutions to expand the reach by focusing on all kinds of events like presentations, orientation, seminars, lectures, graduation, etc. We also make it possible to connect with students, parents as well as alumni in a seamless manner.



Increase civic engagement

Dreamcast enables you to reach out to your supporters by letting them know what you are doing. We help you connect with the community in the form of live and interactive events and enhance the reach of your meetings, conferences and announcements.



Connect and engage directly with users in real time

It is perfect for agencies of any size to engage in live streaming. Dreamcast helps you in expanding your audience. Audiences can enjoy the event and experience every detail with engaging live streaming.



Live streaming your corporate events makes you shine brighter

Dreamcast offers live webcasting services to corporate of every nature. The experts strive to provide an efficient experience for any sort of corporate event, be it a product release or shareholder meetings or presentations.

TV & Radio

TV & Radio

Perfect for monetizing content

Dreamcast provides easy to install broadcasting services to media broadcasters of any kind. Escalate the value of your content significantly. We ensure that your audience gets treated with only high quality video and audio across the globe.


Product Launch

Introduce your product to a wider audience base

Let the world know about your product with Dreamcast and enhance its sales by broadcasting your event live. The live broadcasting of product launch can significantly boost the product sales.


Annual General Meetings

A simple solution for annual general meetings.

A secure way to deliver your information live to company members and stakeholders online.

Town Halls

Town Hall Webcasts

Global connectivity on a physical level.

Live webcasting town hall meetings easily carries forward the inspiration and positive reinforcement to every single employee through the internet.

Town Halls

Church Live Streaming

Live webcasting solutions for church events

Check our church live streaming solutions and webcast upcoming church events in your area.



Our Clients

Our work


To mark the launch of Xiaomi’s 32 MP selfie camera phone, we were inspired to make it big by employing the help of Live Streaming the launch event across major Social Media platforms, with our competent camera equipment & streaming crew.

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As with any huge branded event, the stakes at MG Motors’ event were high. To ensure the event resonated well with loyal customers as well as made it to the books of new, potential ones, we employed a noble solution, live streaming the event on major social platforms, including some unconventional ones.

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Dreamcast successfully organized an engaging, live webcast for the launch of Yamaha YZF-R3 bike for extensive group of virtual onlookers. The live webcast not just delivered in terms of showcasing the bike, but also revealing its features in an innovative format.

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